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I'm okay with adds if I befriended you on a server, you're a friend of a friend, or you're from a discord I'm in. Otherwise I likely won’t accept. But if you REALLY must send me one for any reason, please leave that reason down in my comment section. If you don't I will ignore the request

cute avatars preferred


Current 100%'d Games


A Hat in Time

Risk of Rain

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (PENDING) because they just added 60 new achievements

Killing Floor 2

Dishonored 2

Playstation 4

God of War (2018)


Titanfall 2

Little big planet 1

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soy milk 1 hour ago 
always felt like i needed to please her, or impress her
though only in the hope that one day i would undress her
soy milk 1 hour ago 
♡ Put ♡ this ♡ on ♡ anyone's ♡ wall ♡ who ♡ made ♡ you ♡ smile ♡ somewhere ♡ sometime ♡ in ♡ your ♡ life. ♡ It ♡ may ♡ surprise ♡ you, ♡ but ♡ check ♡ out ♡ how ♡ many ♡ comes ♡ back.♡ Thanks ♡ a ♡ lot ♡ for ♡ making ♡ me ♡ smile ! ♡ Put ♡ this ♡ back ♡ on ♡ my ♡ wall ♡ if ♡ I ♡ ever ♡ made ♡ you ♡ smile.♡
soy milk 1 hour ago 
Well.. uhhh where does i want to start ahh!!!
Welcome to my profile ^^
Feel free to add me but u need a reason why u add me

Gender: male

Im 15 year old

Relationship: a sweet foxy girl that loves me >w<

Mood: 0/10......

Steam Daughter: a kid .w.
my sweet and fluffy furry steam daughter <3

Steam Mom: 💗Mangle fox💗
Steam Dad: Lordlyspy_45554

please support me..
soy milk 8 hours ago 
nigga what
Punished "Venom" Snake 20 hours ago 
massive hetero below