Mr.Frie Frie
Jason Fulfer   Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States
We all sing the same song just with different words -Me
Don't dig a ditch you won't be able to crawl out but also don't fill a mountain you won't be able to jump off -Me
You must understand the language of the enemy -Me

If I unfriend you please don't take it personally. If you have not talked to me in a while I removed you due to inactivity, if we were close and we haven't talked in a while it saddened me and I removed you because you not talking makes me sad. If you annoy me I may unfriend you and you should take that personally.
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Mr.Frie Frie May 24 @ 7:16pm 
PiE May 24 @ 7:16pm 
Would calling "Wallace And Gromit: A Grand Day Out" a cult classic be factually incorrect
PiE Apr 17 @ 12:57pm 
Very well, Onward to victory Comrade.
Mr.Frie Frie Apr 17 @ 12:26pm 
Yes my british friend. Let's say you and I team up for once and take them out.