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A small graphical overhaul Guide for Skyrim SE.
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Case Files: Control Ultimate Edition

File text:
"Control" developed by Remedy Entertainment


Effect only triggers if the game is running on a mid to high end computer. The effect might be weaker by micro stutters and an overall low framrate, if the user plays on a computer with weaker hardware. Optimization problems still given!


The Item (installed on a device) is a third person shooter action game mixed with platforming and puzzles. Built on a code originally designed by ██████ back in the early 90s. The code itself was never released and the original developers went into bankruptcy at ██████. Data of said code suddenly appeared back in ██████ on the website ██████, found by the developers of "Remedy Entertainment" and added to the already developed game "Control".

Based on further research, the game on it's own is "Remedy Entertainments" work while they used an unidentified military standard code. The code might have been used in older games before, but the effects becamse stronger with the more games they released. If so: Who distributed the code, if it was already in Remedys hands?

Note: Might it get stronger?

By further testing the game itself starts out slow, but becomes more complex the further you go. You play as Jesse Faden and you are looking for your lost brother. Your investigations lead you to a secret organization, which got corrupted by supernatural beings. Will you survive and help the "Federal Bureau of Control" to gain its control back? Our investigators describe
the game as overly addicting, but also way too short. The game is over way too soon.

Data given to us by the CIA revealed:
████ ████████ ████ █ ███! ████ ██████ █████████ ███ █ ████ ██████. ██████ ████████████████ ██ █████ ████ ██████ ██████ ████████. ████████ █████ ███ █████ ████████████? ██████████████████ ██ ███ ███ ███.

When starting the game the user's mind is transported to a version of their subjective reality that resembles a video game in logic and function. Events from their everyday lives become game-like sequences in which speed and efficacy are paramount. The brain enters a stroke-like state (as proven by EEG studies on users) which only end after the user "finishes" their game, at which point they resume normal brain and motor function.

The raw files and the Code itself can be found in the Investigations Sector. It is located in the Observation Deck. From the Control Point, head through the door and past the security checkpoint to reach the control room with the Power Core. The file is in the completely dark room to the left.

First interview with Investigator ██████. Assigend Doctor is Dr. ██████.


Dr. ██████: Please tell me what you thought while playing the game.

Investigator ██████: I expected it to be good, like any oder Remedy Game. Did you play Quantum Break? I also love anything that has to do with Anomalies. This is why I started working here... This game is like an unoffical SCP Game... This game is like ... Reality.

Dr. ██████: You already said in an earlier interview that you like it. Please stay professional!

Investigator ██████: I… I don't know. I was playing the game… after coming home from…never mind. I was playing, and I... Suddenly it was already morning. I don't know what happend. I... It felt like my brain just had a reset. It feels like you are stuck in it and the time just runs by... But... Not in the game! Something tells me that you should play it as well! You did play it, right?

Dr. ██████: Then what happened?

Investigator ██████: Nothing! I went to work! Please…this has to be [unintelligible].

Dr. ██████: So you remember playing the game?

Investigator ██████: Yes... The game! At first I thought it would be dissapointing, but the minigames and puzzles were never annoying at all! Next to the normal shooting you also have super powers. Can you imagine? You can throw rocks around and it never gets old. You should try it!

Dr. ██████: What do you mean, "never annoying at all"? Puzzles tend to be tedious.

Investigator ██████: Not here. The balance between using your brain and finding secrets on your own and the shooting part, it is just perfect! And there are a lot of secrets hidden in the game. A lot of background stories about all the anomalies and about the few NPCs you met. They are also well written! I love the atmosphere and the music! Remember "Poets of the Fall"? The ones who also wrote the end theme of Max Payne 2? They are here as well. If you love all the other products of "Remedy Entertainment" you will 100% love this one as well and it should be a must have! Even if you are new and you just want to have a story focused action game where you have to use your brain... Get it!

Dr. ██████: Please Mr. ██████, calm yourself down. It can't be all perfect?

Investigator ██████: You are right! The game itself has its flaws. The slow start can be tedious and most levels look the same. I mean you are walking around in a giant office building, but you are never going to expect the things you will see if stop playing after a few hours. There are levels which are mind blowingly good! Designs you won't have seen anywhere else. Fantastic worlds and such a great atmosphere...

The combat might get boring as well too! You figure out one playstyle and it is so succesful that you won't use anything else anymore. The enemy design is laso lazy. There are just a handful of enemies. While some boss fights look nice, they also come with more or less boring patterns.

But I... I... need to play further. I... We don't know any other effect this item might cause. Can i go home now? You should play it as well! It is good... Why don't you play it? I might get mad if you dont play it.

At this point the investigator became severely agitated and had to be physically restrained. This required six agents, due to the strength increase associated with the altered effect of the item. Eventually the investigator was calmed and the interview proceeded.

Dr. ██████: Now, would you please explain what you meant?

Investigator ██████: This. Is. Not. Me. I saw my reflection in the steel. Some voices tell me to... I... This isn't me! Can't you hear it? "Play me"... The voice says.... Play me! Or is it me? This is a game right? THIS MUST BE A GAME!


Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me Play me
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This Guide will not only tell you what that means, but it will also show you how to life with it!

Annotation: Awootism is, despite the pronunciation, in no way related to Autism! It is like "night" and "knight" or "had" and hat"!
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I feel like I should start with some sort of meme "opening":

I came for the skimpy succubus, but stayed for the fun gameplay.
Jokes aside. Lets start with the real honest review.

I can call myself a connoisseur of the fine sensual art and everything that involves the more pleasurable side of life. The name of this game in context to the dark theme including a Succubus, got my interest immediately. This dark theme draws you in very fast. And no... I can tell you that this is not another porn game! (Even if it looks like one).

Creating your own Succubus!

Every contract needs a contracter. You seal the deal by creating your very own Succubus in a fairly well made character creator. The customisation has its limits, but it is fairly easy to make your succubus look unique. One thing I want to mention: The detail and the high skin textures of your character are pure eyecandy.

Slaughter your way through a dark world!

The game is a pure "hack and slash"-feast. You can choose between many weapon categories and magic. As long as your stamina doesn't run out you can hit as much as you want. Different variations of enemies will make every new level interesting. And did I say stamina? Yes, the game has some "Souls-Like" elements. Swinging your weapon costs stamina, which recovers fairly fast, but keeps you away from overdoing yourself. The good old dodge-roll is here as well. The fights don't have much in depth mechnics, but it is entertaining and feels more like a third person Diablo.

And why are you slaughtering all these creatures? For world domination! Level by level you fight back zombie hordes and conquer new regions. Unlock new companions who fight with you side by side. Different skills will help you and you will become more powerful the higher your level goes.

Drawn into a world full of death and chaos!

I mentioned the dark atmosphere before and it fits well with the whole game. A succubus is still a demon and so it is our duty to cleanse this dark realm where she is living in and to conquer the world! The plains are filled with rustic ruins, vile villages and bloody battlefields.
The blood money!

Everything you earn can be used to buy new items for your conquest. Where? In your secret lair!
A customizable home for your succubus and her ferocious friends. It is indeed a good place to chill out and have some fun trying out different poses within the "photo mode" or other sparkling activities. During the levels you also earn new underwear. There are so many different things to wear, you won't get bored so fast.

I didn't even know that there are so many patterns for a pantyhose to be honest..... Back to the review....

A dark and twisted future awaits young summoner!

This game is still in early access, but offers a lot for its price! I bought this hidden gem when it was released. During the very first month and a bit later, it was barebones and made not much fun. The performance was a disaster and the customization was more medicore than good.

But in these months the developer did a lot. With "a lot" I mean he redesigned most of the game in a very good way. The performance is really good now and the gameplay feels great. The levels are handmade, too! You can just feel how much fun the developer has with this game. Expect huge updates once in a while and bugfixes and small tweaks weekly. He is also very active on the forum and is friendly! Kudos to you and please continue your work on this game! I love where this is going.


This game is more than worth its price, even if it is not on sale. If you like dark fantasy, mixed with gore and sexy girls this game is totally for you! Now, what are you waiting for? Your Succubus is waiting for you!
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