Matty Hurts   Montclair, New Jersey, United States
I'm Mags, I make content like SFM projects that include videos or just still images.
I also dwell a bit in Hammer so that's a plus.
I do comissions too, fairly cheap.
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
An actual Steam profile I just found
✔️Comment Before Adding Me.
✔️Be Level 10 Or Higher.
✖️Dont Beg
✖️Dont Spam Invites


👤⠀Online - You can chat with me.
🎮⠀In-Game  - Wait for me to respond to you.
🔕⠀Busy  -  Do not chat with me.
🕑⠀Away -  I will respond when I come back.
🕑⠀Snooze -  Most likely sleeping.
💤⠀Offline  - This should be obvious.

Age: 17 💃
Language: 🇸🇰/🇭🇺/🇬🇧/🇫🇷/🇪🇸/ 🤞
Gender: Girl ♀️
Relationship: In Love With Senpai Kaneki 💏

Likes: 👍

Anime Lover 👊
Kinda Psychopath 💋(Better Dont Mess WIth Me Tho)
Animal Lover 🦅
Positive Attitude 🎭
Music Heart 🎻 🎹
Sportqueen 🎾 🏐 (KappaPride)
*Content* Creator 🎥
I Like It In Both Holes 😊

PS*You Must Call Me Onee-Chan 💣🔫
🈚️ 🈸💛 💚 Japan 💜 🖤🈺 🈷️

Dislikes: 👎

Negative Attitude 💀
Rage 😡
Flamers 💩
Toxicity 🤢
Dota2 Players 😈
Anime Haters 👹
Nazi ♥♥♥
Jews ✡️

Meme Of The Year:
Hes Making A List, Hes Checking It Twice. You Better Leave Out Some Vodka With Ice. PS/the russian santa.

Thank You For Reading My Bio. Hope You Liked It., And Dont Forget The Rules Or Get Blocked M8 And There Is No Chance You Get Unblocked. Have A Beautifull Day ☯️

*If im Not Online For 6 Or More Days It Means Im Probably Dead Or I Just Surrendered My Life*

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last played on Dec 11
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last played on Dec 11
Infidel Nov 10 @ 4:46am 
DominusPryite Oct 28 @ 7:37pm 
We did some old Clockwork HL2RP solid dude - shot an Add
mags Oct 3 @ 12:00pm 
I'll do this one for free. Add me.
Hey, just wanted to ask if you do SFM comissions for TF2, and what your rates are?
mission impossible guy Oct 1 @ 8:19pm 
curt or kick
Nanjing Apr 23 @ 2:19pm 
.i. for harambe