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I want the cells to have 2 floors With stairs that they can come down and a platform they can walk out on.only for the upstairs then tere needs to be a black and yellow line going straight through the main cell area like a few inches from the middle of the map twords the cells.ok across from that where the stairs will be there needs to be like a cage and put like in breakable boxes I'm there it needs to fit prisoners in it like put the boxes in the corners of the cage in the back. To the left there needs to be a doorway with the walkway go into This Walkway will be close to the Last bottom row cell doors. This walkway will be to the cafeteria which there will be lunch tables and a place to get your lunch which will take up the whole left back side the lunch tables will be divided equally in a total of 6 tables Then in the middle left hand side will be a wall with a door that leads too the theatre with seats and rows and 1 aisle going down the middle Then at the end of the idol they will be a stage Put a microphone in the middle of the stage. Just as a prop not as real thing. At the back left hand side you'll be stairs going down we going into a dress from dressing room with like a Hollywood style mirror if withy the lightbulb a on it a closet that can be opened and a bathroom inside there as well In the walkway to the cafeteria there needs to be an opening that lets players pass through to the buildings in the back of the map Now we are in the cell area again In the back right hand side closest to the cells that needs to be big door that will open up As a doorway to the back where the wall of fame and the wipeout zone will be If you don't know what wipeout is going to look at videos you'll make a obstacle course similar to that And there'll be a fountain in front of the wall of fame the wall of fame the wall of fame is a building with a bunch of names I will tell you later We are back in the main cell area In the front left there will be a pathway leading to the armory where it will be stored guns the warden's office and a interrogation room the armory will be on the same floor as the cells floor the interrogation room will be under the armory The warden's office will be above the armory There'll be a separate room with stairs near the Armory building There will be . Three diving boards each higher than the water will not be completely clear where you can see the bottom The camera needs to have tic-tac-toe a small Bunnyhop leading out of the left side of the map where when they get to the end they respawn at the beginning they don't die when they just touch the water there will be 2 of these things when they touch the water they respawn a boxing ring in the center of the room and a Russian roulette table Okay did you have a DJ play songs by pressing a button These songs will be Avicii - Levels, Carly Rae Jepson - Call Me Maybe, Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, mc hammer - you can't touch this, Macklamore - cant hold us, Guns N' Roses -Paradise city
and you can choose those songs by pressing individual buttons and there will be a dance floor with with flashing lights and a disco ball at the top spinning lights The corners of the parking lot right and left needs to be a guard tower With one desert eagle and one of them And above I Want it too say in big letters The Cube Server
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