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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 7:38am

That was quick

Finish minigame in less than 1 minute.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 8:10am

True Player

Finish 4 minigames in a row without skipping.
Unlocked Apr 14 @ 1:56pm

One per second

Find 3 hidden objects within 3 seconds.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 4:10pm

Skip? Never!

Finish all minigames without skipping.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 9:44am

Eagle Eye

Finish 6 HO in a row without hints.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 4:11pm

No crystal ball

Finish all HOs without using hint button.
Unlocked Apr 14 @ 2:08pm

Like a wind

Finish HO in less than 30 seconds.
Unlocked Apr 14 @ 2:05pm

Surgical Aim

Finish HO with less than 4 mistaps.
Unlocked Apr 14 @ 1:54pm

Health Inspector

Find a Healer's Sigil.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 9:22am


Find half of all Healer's Sigils.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 3:58pm

True Herbalist

Find all Healer's Sigils.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 7:15am

Keep Calm

Prepare the Calming Brew.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 7:35am

Little Birdie

Get help from a Swallow.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 8:14am

Fresh Air

Enter the Garden.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 8:54am

Row your boat

Prepare the swan boat for the journey.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 9:04am

Otter Friend

Get help from an Otter.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 9:14am

Buried secrets

Open the Passage to the Forest Cavern.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 10:31am

Save the child

Find the kidnapped prince.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 11:02am

Kindred Spirit

Get help from the Forest Spirit.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 3:24pm

To dungeons deep

Enter Dark Castle Dungeon.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 3:39pm

Forgotten story

Witness the stories through the golden feathers.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 4:12pm

Save the day

Finish the game.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 4:31pm


Protect the spirits.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 5:09pm


Deal with a dragon once and for all.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 4:13pm

Master Healer

Finish the whole Game on Expert Difficulty.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 9:10am


Discover 20 clues (diaries, letters, etc.).
Unlocked Apr 14 @ 1:53pm

Know the Ropes

Play without tutorial.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 8:17am


Scare 6 butterflies.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 5:34pm

Movie Buff

Don't skip the first 10 cutscenes.