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Personal Achievements

I’ve Arrived!

Started your first file

Let’s Get Personal

Talked to all six guys during the first group meeting

Make Room

Sat with a guy during lunch

Beach Episode

Went on a very educational field trip

Pillow Talk

Got one of the pajama events

Round Two

Had the first meeting of the second year

A Magical Night

Went to senior prom

Suck It, Missy

Became prom queen


Made it all the way to the end of the game

Signature Look

Wore an optional accessory

Ready To Mingle

Got a right to date conversation with a main guy

The Love Boat

Went on a tunnel of love date

School Life

Got a side conversation with Alicia, Missy, or Nurse Lynn

Customer Service

Got a side conversation with Cala, Romeo, Trent, Kam, or Adrian

Working Gal

Watched a part-time job event

Jellybean & Button

Became friends with Alicia


Became friends with Missy


Became friends with Nurse Lynn

Lucky Ladies

Became friends with Cala


Became friends with Romeo


Became friends with Trent


Convinced one of the main guys to be your official boyfriend

Just Friends

Befriended a main guy, Kam, or Adrian and ended the game without him as your boyfriend

Employee Of The Year

Got a congrats letter from a part-time job manager at the end of the game

Stunning Reputation

Had max Reputation with a Clique at the end of the game

Jerk Squad

Ended the game being just friends with all six main guys


Ended the game with Everett as your boyfriend


Ended the game with Nate as your boyfriend


Ended the game with Shiloh as your boyfriend


Ended the game with Bae as your boyfriend


Ended the game with Jeremy as your boyfriend


Ended the game with Pran as your boyfriend


Ended the game with Kam as your boyfriend


Ended the game with Adrian as your boyfriend

The Champion

Made it to the end of the game with the Guy List filled


Ended the game with Lucas as your boyfriend