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This game is in early access, people don't seem to understand that the game has just come out into early access and it's going to be filled with glitches and wrong things.

Don't buy a early acces game if you can't handle it ^

For me it's a great game with a a lot of potential, i like the gameplay of it, it can be confusing sometimes but when you play for some time you will get the hang of it, the devs are also really active towards the community and answer everything and try to fix it as fast as they can.

If you don't mind to play a not finished game and you like the kind of a battlefield game than give it a try for sure.
but I would be cautious at the same time. As I would be for any Early Acess title.

I'd also recommend joining the official World War 3 Discord: https://discord.gg/8XHDz55 The devs/community mods are pretty active!

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