Professional "Yellow: The Yellow Artifact" Player   Massachusetts, United States
Me hoy hoy me noy

To be honest yellow is my least favorite color

You may know me as TheColorYellow, and if you do, I apologize for my chronic retardation.

I sometimes give people shit that isnt depression:
10 keys + strange pro ks minigun
voodoo juju
knife killstreak kit
strange min wear spec ks festive airwolf sniper
strange killstreak min wear flower power scattergun
2 strange transfer tools (back when they were expensive af)
strange coldfront curbstompers
pro ks vintage lugermorph
catastrophic companions
Haunted Ghosts German Gonzila
Field-Tested Fire Glazed Sniper Rifle (ya know that elite grade literally no one cares about cos it was overshadowed by the dragon slayer paint) (but still looks cool, ya that one)
Smoking Reggaelator (themed ass unu)
Genuine Spec Ks AWPer Hand
Strange Professional Killstreak Scattergun
Strange Pro Killstreak Machina
Bliz storm Berlin Brain Bowl
Strange Spec Ks Backburner
Hot Min Wear Tomislav
Circling Heart Heavy Duty Rag
Unusual Arms Race Taunt
crippling depres...shit that isn't supposed to be on this list.

Fav Guy?
-Mr. Paradise

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rip yellow
The production of Yellow 2: Planets was canceled, thus it killed my inner drive to stay as the yellow mascot and representative...

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