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Personal Achievements


Gain your first Level

Maginificent Seven

Reach Level 7

Coming Of Age

Reach Level 20


Reach Level 35

Old Dog

Reach Level 55

Legend Of the West

Reach Level 80

Ride Into Town

Play 20 games

Sticking Around

Play 100 games

For the Love Of the Game

Play 500 games

Faithful Fan

Play 1000 games

GAR Fanatic!

Play 2500 games


Win 10 games

Rising Underdog

Win 100 games

Title Contender

Win 500 games

Title Holder

Win 1000 games

Undisputed Champion

Win 2000 games

From Small Beginnings

Buy a new part for your robot

Be Prepared

Buy 5 new parts

Home Arsenal

Buy 10 new parts

Para Bellum

Buy 20 new parts

First Blood

Destroy 10 robots

Open Season

Destroy 50 robots

Cheaper By the Dozen

Destroy 120 robots

Scrap Discount

Destroy 250 robots

Fire Sale

Destroy 500 robots

Black Friday

Destroy 750 robots

All Robots Must Go

Destroy 1200 robots

Son of a Gun

Deal at least 2500 damage in a single game

Mobile Artillery

Deal at least 5000 damage in a single game


Complete a game with 55% Accuracy and at least 1 kill


Complete a game with 60% Accuracy and at least 2 kills

Grim Reaper

Complete a game with 65% Accuracy and at least 3 kills


Destroy 3 players from an opposing team

Living Apokalypse

Destroy all 5 players from an opposing team

Last Bot Standing

Survive a Deathmatch as the last player remaining (At least 1 kill)


Survive 10 Deathmatches as the last player remaining (At least 1 kill)


Survive 25 Deathmatches as the last player remaining (At least 1 kill)


Connect with 3 Friends


Connect with 10 Friends

Ring Leader

Connect with 20 Friends

Call To Arms

Create a Squad

Team Player

Win a game in Squad

Strength In Numbers

Win 10 games in Squad

Give Name To Their Terror

Personalize your Robot's name


Survive 50 Deathmatches as the last player remaining (At least 1 kill)


Destroy 10 enemy parts in a single game

Dorian Gray

Buy a portrait


Buy 3 portraits

Last Stand

Destroy an enemy while your Chassis is destroyed

Road Runner

Win a game of Capture the Batteries in less than 1,5 minutes


Destroy 2 enemies while your Chassis is destroyed

All In

Spend 500, 000 Credits

Blind Fury

Destroy 3 enemies while your Head is destroyed

Bomb Disposal

Defuse the enemy Bomb and win a Bomb Squad game

Calling The Shots

Spend 150, 000 Credits

Dramatic Tension

Defuse the enemy Bomb with 5 seconds left or less

Lethal Blind

Spend 10, 000 Credits

Master Sapper

Plant your Bomb, defuse the enemy Bomb, and win the game


Collect and deliver all enemy Batteries in a Capture the Batteries game


Win a game without firing a shot

Playing On Instinct

Destroy an enemy while your Head is destroyed

Raising The Stakes

Spend 50, 000 Credits


Plant the Bomb and win the Objective in a Bomb Squad game


Buy an Accessory

Recruit League

Reach the Recruit ladder league

Experienced Leagu

Reach the Experienced ladder league

Veteran League

Reach the Veteran ladder league

Terminator League

Reach the Terminator ladder league

Master League

Reach the Master ladder league