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You crack me up, little buddy.
I'm a workshop contributor for TF2 in both concept art and promotional imagery.
See the thing below for more details.
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I'm sorry, but I ignore random friend invites.
If you want to ask a question and you have to add me for it, please make a comment saying so, and I'll be happy to give any answers/advice I can.

TF2 items I have contributed:
Batman Arkham Knight Contest (04/12/2015)
- Sidekick's Side Slick []
- Crook Combatant []
- The Bat Backup []
Scream Fortress 2016 (21/08/2016)
- Wide Brimmed Bandito []
- Corpus Christi Cranium []
- El Paso Poncho []
- Toadstool Topper []
- Nasty Norsemann []
The Jungle Inferno Update (20/10/2017)
- Jungle Jersey []
- Transparent Trousers []
- Forest Footwear []
- The Aztec Aggressor []
Smissmas 2017 (21/12/2017)
- Trucker's Topper []
- Brass Bucket []
- Handsome Hitman []
- Pocket Yeti []
Blue Moon Pack (28/03/2018)
- Scourge of the Sky []
Scream Fortress 2018 (19/10/2018)
- Tank Top []
- Gaelic Glutton []
- Highway Star []
Smissmas 2018 (19/12/2018)
- Mighty Mitre []

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- TF2 Wiki Account []
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Open Case
Xolotl 5月5日 10時10分 
Hey man I want to add you to ask about advice for making workhop items
Lazy Darckie 3月11日 11時58分 
i just wanna say thx cuz ur migthy mitre...
why? cuz i got a migthy mitre unusual and i got too much stuff thx!
The Orange Boxtrot 3月10日 12時38分 
Adding because of your content on the workshop
(Its good)
♥ Hyacinth ♥ 3月4日 5時58分 
Hello Tabby! I have a very nice idea for a taunt!
I don't have a name for it, but It should be very interesting!
The taunt is going to be Momoland : Boom Boom, the chorus of the song.
Different styles of dancing for each of the class in Tf2, it will be like the Kazotsky Kick but different!
Here's the link of the dance. (1:10 - 1:27)
The taunt is a full taunt, and cannot be broken by pressing G while in a middle of the dance.
If you like doing more work, you can animate the whole dance! So the taunt will have 2 styles, full dance or chorus only (you can stop by pressing g in the full dance).
That's my suggestion, thanks. :)
Arab 2月19日 22時42分 
hi added to discuss about the REAL FAKE BEARD
Kangurowy ARTS ANIMATIONS YT 2月13日 0時16分 
Hello, I have an idea for the next hands and feet for hundkopf Tf2 MEDIC and it's just a suggestion, not a request