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Hi! I'm a person who lives in Finland.
Some of my favourite games here are:
Ori and the blind forest, Oneshot, Undertale, Hollow knight, The Witcher, Songbird symphony and like 20 others! :lunar2019piginablanket:
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Has the problem of having to go all the way back from beginning of the stage, collecting every single gem all over again if you get a game over. It's really tidious. It's like mega man but in that you at least dont have ♥♥♥♥ to collect along the way. I just simply wish you would keep all things collected after game over, that would make the game way more enjoyable.
Oh yeah and at the very end of the last, and hardest level? There's a janky climbing part where you cant even afford 2 mistakes, or instadeath, and then a climbing part that's stupid to play if you're on a controller.

But it's a good game, just as the original. I've never been fan of this art style of 2,5D, I think it looks weird and ugly compared to a 2d game or a game that really does similiar effect well like Ori and the blind forest. Also I have never been a fan of remakes of songs, it's very rare that they are better than the originals, and I still think that with this.

I like the bosses, but some of the level design isn't great, there is at least one spot where it's super difficult to get past without getting hit. And I hate your hitbox. It's just a square around you, which got me killed multiple times, hitting the corner of the hitbox in ceiling or even worse standing on an edge above spikes and still getting hit by the spikes.

Overall it's a good game, with too many issues. Especially playing on hard. 6.5/10

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