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Took me few hours. What am i even doing with my life...
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It may look Absurd, i know. But Size do not matter since we discovered quantum physics and 9-dimensional theory.
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Yanzihko Dec 6 @ 10:54am 
You can contact me only via reddit & steam.
RocketWaltz Dec 6 @ 10:50am 
Your pixel animations are already superb and I would love to support your work! Smooth and well done, I love it. About Twitter, do you have one or are you on just reddit and steam?
Yanzihko Dec 6 @ 10:07am 
@RocketWaltz. No, i don't accept comissions at current moment. Maybe few months later when my skills will improve.
RocketWaltz Dec 6 @ 3:21am 
Found you through Stellaris subreddit, you're really good at art and I was wondering if you had a twitter and are you accepting commissions?
♤ |_Pandora_| ♤ Nov 14 @ 9:20am 
Привет. Я немного поправила перевод твоего мода на русском языке,что бы он был подстать нынешней версии. Пожалуйста,прими в дар мой файл локализации.