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:heartb: Is it necrophilia if we ♥♥♥♥? Because I'm dead inside :heartb:
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I play video games at a level my autism shouldn't allow for.

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An Ode to the Ball Pit
What makes a man more than just a man? Is it his love of play? Is it his innate sense of camaraderie with his neighbors and friends? Is it his extremely large phallus? The qualities are numerous, but what it takes to be a BUBBY goes beyond the call of even the most extraordinary man.

A bubby is a friend, a companion, someone you can trust to be there for you in times of great harmony, and in times of dire straits. A bubby is life incarnate in man, men that live via emotion as well as reason. The perfect balance, much like the color of the balls of a ball pit.

It is no coincidence the ball pit is our symbol, for it is the salon of childhood. Where else could young philosophes gather in the comfort of colorful plastics; innocent to the jaded outlooks and predetermination of adulthood? The ball pit represents freedom in its most basic form; an anarchy of bliss. All that matters are the balls and the men, nay the BUBBIES, who make them so desirable to be around.

And thus even as our ages matured and we ourselves became what we most fear, it has always been important look back. Remembering the people we used to be, the fun we've had, the mistakes we've made and the lessons learned. We remind ourselves:

We are the Bubbies and Bubbies we will always be.
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Detailed guide about everything a real diver in Depth should know. It covers diving basics, tips, weaponry, modifiers, consumables and strategies how to deal with different shark species.
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[GHA] YahoyMeFloy Nov 25 @ 11:25pm 
cum egg Nov 24 @ 3:47pm 
This comment thread is a salt mine lmfao, good work Yahoy
take A shit Nov 14 @ 1:35am 
you play like a turtle, I'm so embarrassed to send a link to let us see
take A shit Nov 14 @ 1:32am 
Look at this poor racist, can you imagine it is still a youtuber?How dare it show its face? Looks like my neighbor's grandma's socks
[GHA] YahoyMeFloy Nov 13 @ 11:25pm 
@venom https://clips.twitch.tv/AmusedRefinedQuailEleGiggle-Wo3hddUCqJZ5MK4t
aim is fine with actual guns, sorry to burst your bubble
[GHA] YahoyMeFloy Nov 13 @ 10:27pm 
@venom, who are you lol