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1. Feel free to add me. Am friendly to those people who talk politely

2. I trade for ROCKET LEAGUE items.

3. If I don’t reply when am in-game that means am in a match or else I have just minimized Rocket league. If you see me Online and i dont reply that means I am AFK.

4. Don’t try to scam me for items. I know every method of scamming.

5. I take video Proofs for every trade.

6. If I accept your request late I will mention what I have to give and what I want. Example- [H] 50 keys [W] Titanium White Octane.

7. Add +Rep on my profile after a trade. PLS :D
MUNKI May 12 @ 11:18am 
+rep accept for 1 question
Kool-Aid May 4 @ 8:56am 
Kool-Aid May 4 @ 8:25am 
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