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Posted: Mar 7, 2019 @ 6:24pm
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Vignettes is an interesting shape/color rearranging casual puzzle game that is cute and fun, while rather mesmerizing at the same time. Through the use of simple colors and shapes, you progressive move from one object to another through certain transition points where the two objects share a same shape and size silhouette. Through this unique concept you are then able to "find" the collective of objects/things that are available within this game.

It is a remake of the iOS game with additions, according to its Steam store page. I did not play the original, so I am unable to compare the two. Even with additions, the game is still not very large, it took me about two hours to get almost every object in the game. There are some more slightly more tedious "quest/adventure" aspects of the game that I have not completed, mainly because some of them are slightly difficult to understand.

This is because the game is designed to be completely devoid of words in any language, minus the name, really. By the time you click on the title screen and drag around, you have already started the game. Beyond the initial title screen, no words will show up.

The game gets its namesake likely from the series of hanging-frame representations of objects from day to day living, thus these are the vignettes that are completed by finding all of the missing objects within the frames. After completing the collection of all items missing from any vignette/picture, you will then obtain a key to unlock what is essentially a short-cut access item into this series of objects. This is difficult to explain, but you will quickly find out once you play the game. This is more useful if you decide to quit and come back to a certain object/picture later on.

There is two-degree road-map that is always visible to you, as in you can see two objects beyond where you are currently. As long as you have found those previous items in the past, the road-map will be clear. Otherwise it will be a mysterious question mark.

Of the "quest" type things to do, there are 8 of them and you will easily see what themes are in another screen but it will be up to you to figure out what the quest/adventure is and what to do.

The biggest drawback is the price for this game, I feel that it's perhaps a bit higher than what most people would be willing to pay for, since you can easily play the iOS version for $2.99 USD. However, I do think that the base price on Steam of $7.99 is decent for such a unique and fun puzzle game. Please be prepared when you find out that the game really is not very long at all.

All in all, it's a very fun game, and my first look at the game, going in blind lasted a bit longer than expected because I was having quite a lot of fun. Please be mindful that there may be spoilers in here that you may not wish to see, but you can at least take a quick glance to see what the game is and how the gameplay is designed.


Click and drag, spin the objects around into different perspectives as they share with the other connected objects to transition from one to another. Some transitions go both ways, while others are only unidirectional. (Simple concept that is executed very well.)


Cute and fun

Pretty nice and a bit funky

Anyone and everyone

As noted, base price is a bit high at $7.99 compared to its iOS counterpart that costs $2.99. I do think that this game will sell a bit better at $5 or less, it's still quite a fun and unique title that will give puzzle-lovers quite a thrill.

+Fun and unique
+Simple concept that is well-executed
+Very easy to understand
+Family friendly, for all ages
+Simple controls

-Price slightly high
-Certain puzzles that require you to solve by zooming out, rotating an object, and then zooming in. One particular one drove me nuts and I did not know that I could rotate it at all (because in the zoomed in view, the object does not rotate).
-Fairly low replay value and is quite short in general

Vignettes is a space-defying casual puzzler that involves optical illusions in perspective. It is well designed and is fun for everyone. It will draw you in for the duration, and it will give puzzle-lovers quite a thrill. The overall game is short and has fairly low replay value, so the asking price is a bit high, especially given that there is a mobile version for much cheaper. Nevertheless, the experience is worth it.

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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