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Himno is a well-designed, free-to-play, casual platformer without combat that has an internal level generation system that gives the player an infinite number of levels. There's not too much in the way of objectives when it comes to this game, as all you do is jump and dash, wall-grab, slide, and jump dash some more. You can look at the 11 very doable Steam achievements as your goal. (Took me about 2.5 hours to do everything necessary to get them.)

Along your path from the starting door of the floor/district, you will encounter randomly spawning yellow orbs that give you experience and allows you to level up. Jumping and dashing also gives you exp. The levels are more or less arbitrary, because the only thing you can do with your personal level is to rescue a few level-restricted wisps. Otherwise, you will run from the starting door to the exit, along paths of varying difficulty simply caused by the procedural generation of the floors.

The only floor/stage/district that has a different look is District 11, which is an end to the game. This is not an absolute end, you can just keep going past it. You die in this game only by a long fall down into the blue water below. But dying really isn't a problem, because every floor has the same underlying look and feel. You don't really lose or gain by dying and needing to start over instead of continuing that same run from before.

The other Districts have 2 green orb/wisps that you can obtain. There is always one near the exit, and one elsewhere. You do not need both to go through the exit. The exit doorway is shimmering, whereas the starting door is dark. This is not particularly important, unless you are trying to make your way to District 11 for the first time for the achievement. If you go through the starting door, you end up getting the District number to stay the same, but the level regenerates anyway.

There are a couple of other things that increase your jumping and your dashing within the game in the floor design itself. These you will quickly find out what they are once you see it for the first time.

Once again, this game is without combat. From what I have read, the developer is working on a potential sequel with enemies and some platforming combat. I wouldn't mind if that version is a paid game, I just hope there's a bit more variety, different biomes, and other things to do. Because this game is nice, and it stays very nice. It's just not good for long sittings.

You can easily use the simple and casual gameplay to cool down after a long work day for 10-15 minutes. This can be mostly attributed to the relaxing music. I see that the soundtrack is for sale as a paid DLC. If you like this game and want to see a more complex version, it would seem reasonable to get this to support the developer in potential future projects.

Here's my first look at the game, it was a little painful getting used to the controls at first, but after a while, everything felt perfectly smooth, my final run in the video lasted quite a long time:


Keyboard, DS4 controller, or XB1 controller all work fine without problems. I do have to say that I had a little difficulty getting used to the controls at first. But once I got used to it, it felt very natural and responsive. Controls cannot be changed, but they work well.

Simple, side-scrolling pixelated tileset used to generate the levels. The small amount of animation used for the main character and the few other rescued wisps that fly around the screen are done quite well.

Simple and soothing, very relaxing.

Anyone who wants to have fun playing a casual platforming game and relax.

It's free to play, can't really beat that. If you want to support the developer, the soundtrack is a paid DLC.

+Well designed
+Controls well
+Randomly generated levels
+Achievements that are all easily doable
+Shows potential for what can come from this basic underlying concept
+Good, relaxing music
+Active developer in the forums

-I initially encountered a few bugs in the pre-release stages, I have mentioned these on the forums and they have been fixed already before release today.
-Otherwise, sometimes the green wisps can have a block spawn over it, preventing you from getting it. Since you don't need it to complete the level, it's not really a big deal.
-Also, the exit door for me spawned a few times on the bottom, lowest portion of the district, and only a part of the door was peeking over the water. This makes me think that the water sprite and animation overlaps part of the playable field. This bottom line should be removed from potentially having blocks generated within. While this is not a major problem, because you can just jump down and land on the exit, because there is solid ground underneathe, but if you have to travel any horizontal distance, you could come across a gap and fall into the lethal tides. (I am just being nit-picky, because once again, death really doesn't matter in this game.)

Himno is free, so why not try it, instead of trying to decide by reading reviews? If you were curious about the achievements, the game can be completed to 100% in about 2.5 hours. But you may decide to do that over the course of several days and multiple sittings. It's a great game to relax with, if you enjoy platforming games and don't want to have the stress of unfair combat--there's none at all to be found within this work. I have read that the developer is planning on making a sequel with enemies and actual combat, and I will look forward to it, for sure. For now, this will do. Go try it for yourself, I absolutely recommend it!

I, like everyone else, received the product for free, because it's free to play! I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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Nice review, and love your youtube video: nice review style... and yes, I've now downloaded this - thanks!
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Really enjoying the addition of your first looks!