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Posted: Sep 15, 2018 @ 4:43am
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The Game
BingoBango is a simple endless jumping platformer that contains 5 basic levels to basically prepare you for the challenge mode.

You move left, you move right, and you jump from platform to platform. That's it.

The movement is "momentum"-based in that the length of directional key depression leads to progressively faster movement and also take longer to slow down.

Main game takes minutes to go through, then the challenge mode is the endless part.

There are no time limits.

The reason I think the main game as a tutorial to the challenge mode is because there are simple jumps in the main game's levels, but the challenge mode has some moving platforms.

Keyboard. WAD and arrow keys both work.

Graphics and Music
Minimalist graphics and repetitive single piano melody (that sometimes skips?). You can turn it off if you wish.

The bored player trying to download your next large title and have a few minutes to spare.

0.99 USD, so you could buy it to try, to support an indie developer.

+Easy to learn
+Achievements (5 for the basic levels, 8 for challenge mode)
+Does what it advertises to do. No more, no less

~Can't really decide if the achievements compel me to play any more than I would if there are no achievements. The challenge mode ones are not more difficult after the initial parts of that stage, just takes time and concentration.
~Same with the score-hunting part, not sure if it makes me wish to play more.

-Gets really repetitive quickly.
-Level 5 could use a contrast makeover (white character jumping on white platforms with a light yellow background isn't ideal)
-Music could use some serious work (fortunately you can turn it off).
-No leaderboards.

BingoBango is simple, quick, and a single action (jumping) score-hunting game that is rather bland and does not get more exciting as you play. The achievements are nice, and the price is cheap. You should only buy this if you are into the endless, single-action, score-hunting games and if you wish to support an indie developer with their first game. You will get a quick sense of what the game is all about and you will have what seems like infinite time to play before deciding to refund it or not. I cannot recommend this game for the fact that it just needs something to make it stand out, because there are other and better options out there for your time.

You can see a quick few minutes of gameplay in this YouTube video, where I make my way through the basic levels and then take on the challenge mode a couple of times. (Please note that this was my second time playing through this game. First time was slightly slower in learning the "momentum" jumps. But the video never got recorded.)


I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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