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Posted: Sep 9, 2019 @ 4:24pm
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Destiny or Fate is a roguelite strategy RPG card game with a few new mechanics from what is out there. The biggest selling point of this game has to be the fact that you can pay gems after beating monsters to tame/recruit them to your team, and your team's core is the hero, who must survive for you to continue.

There is a setting in options to change the game speeds, and it goes fairly smoothly if you change it to very fast. I strongly encourage everyone to switch over to this battle speed, otherwise some battles feel like they are dragging on and on and on, which can make the game seem rather boring.

The game was in Early Access for some time and had a full release a few days ago. There were a lot of issues with the English translation, although right now most of the cards/rules are pretty well explained and you can progress without having too much confusion going on.

What makes a lot of cards confusing in this game are the changing descriptions. You can read a card and try to learn it, but if there's some mathematical formula indicated in the words, it will give you a different number of overall outcome every time. The result is a card that sometimes does massive damage and sometimes does no damage, etc., and you can easily get confused by it.

So usually an RPG has a story. It's kind of difficult to get into a game that's reportedly an RPG without knowing what kind of role you and your protagonist is in. The RPG components here are the upgrades that are in-game, I suppose, though this is more resembling the roguelite with some permanent unlocks and the associated half permadeath (because there are some things that unlock to help you out in future runs).

The game UI is slightly clunky, but not too bad. Perhaps we are used to dragging cards from the hand to a particular enemy on the screen, conditioned by other games, but this one you just have to click on the card you are going to play and then click on the target enemy monster.

The thing that really got me to quit this game several times is the fact that there are cards in there that cause one or multiple random monsters to take damage, to get poisoned, etc. In this game, once you tame those monsters and make them a part of your team after beating them, they are also potential targets for these random effect cards. This drove me up a wall most of the time, when I think I have a good combination to use with my cards, but some random effects come out of them and kill my own mosters.

After it released out of Early Access, the game is now $17.99 at base and I think that while it's a reasonable price, it's not too competitive in today's market, where there are quite a lot of roguelite card games that are going in the $10-15 range and a few well-established ones that cost a bit more. (Keeping it around the $14.99 price that it had before may have been more reasonable for selling more copies.)

Destiny or Fate is a fairly difficult roguelite card game that offers some new gameplay mechanics of its own. There are a lot of things to unlock, so you should expect to spend quite a bit of time in this game if you want to see everything that it has to offer. The different starting characters have different base decks and so you will want to play with as many as you can to see who you like (although 3 are available to start, and the rest have to be unlocked as you spend more time with the game).

It's a decent game, with solid content, but it's also not outstanding in today's market. With a slightly higher-than-competitive price to tack on to it, I would say wait for a sale.

Overall score 6/10.

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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