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Posted: Aug 12 @ 1:43pm
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Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure is a linear point & click game that takes you on a mostly-not-so-dark Lovecraftian adventure with what I would consider easy to moderate puzzles throughout. Where this game truly shines is the writing, the voice acting, the art, and the animation. It's amazing that this is developed primarily by a small team of three people. Here, you are looking at a really high quality indie project that has been put together with the touches of love and passion on the part of the developers.

Of course I only played in English and I understand that as an infant, this game has had a bit of difficulty with learning other languages. Unfortunately the developers paid for professional translators in multiple languages that yielded less-than-ideal results. I think everything will improve with time. These developers listen to their audience. During the first few days after release, people asked for the ability to turn on and off subtitles. Amid fixing a few errors, but mostly dealing with the translation fiasco, the developers pushed out the first update allowing players to control the subtitle displays.

With any story, especially linear ones like this, the character development is very important. You end up controlling at various times three different protagonist. You really get to know them and appreciate them individually. You are sometimes Buzz, a half-Romanian librarian with an everlasting 5 o'clock shadow; other times you play as Don, a hard-boiled detective with a dry humor who grows with the strange story; and finally, Kitteh is the final protagonist, a cat who not only knows how to read, but to speak as well through the events that occur in the beginning of the story.

There are many themes explored in this game, along with many literary and pop culture references that are thrown into the dialogue and the jokes. The writing, with its many many lines that must have taken forever to put together, never loses track and never wavers from its desired effect of continually pulling in the reader/audience. Add that to the atmosphere created by the instrumental recordings and you end up living the story and its events, despite the surrealistic nature of it all.

I have created an entire Let's Play series on YouTube of this game, I am linking the playlist here (as the game is very linear, you may find it useful should you be stuck on a puzzle, though I do have to say, be careful with spoilers):


First video:

Traditional point & click with a series of fairly straight forward puzzles.

Mouse is all you need, though the space bar on your keyboard might come in handy.

The art in this game is just purely lovely to look at. And the animations are well-beyond what you would expect for such a small-team project.

As noted, really well done with instrumental recordings for the appropriate sounds in each situation in the game.

Any Lovecraft fan would definitely enjoy this game very much. Do not expect too difficult puzzles, as everything does make sense and the hints are easily found. Even for someone who does not play a lot of point & click games with the expected puzzles, this game would be fairly fun and intuitive to progress through.

You will have to decide whether or not $19.99 at baseline is worth it for you. For me, the adventure with the excellent art, music, and voice acting was more than enough to warrant the asking price. Of course, given its linear nature, you will likely not be replaying this game any time soon after completing the first time. Like any good book, there's always a good chance that you will go read it again. One run will take you anywhere from 8-10 hours likely. I was trying to click on all possible conversation dialogue choices for my Let's Play series, and it took me about 13 hours. (Included was a few moments of me being stumped on a puzzle or two.)

+Wonderful story and unique character development
+Excellent (well above-average) voice acting (despite a small crew)
+Really nice references embedded seamlessly
+Outstanding art design and animations
+Humor in different parts, employed through different types of jokes
+Very responsive and active developers trying to make sure that you have a good experience!
+Achievements for those of you who enjoy having them

-Puzzles perhaps a little too easy mostly for the point & click veteran
-Just a personal note on the depiction of the gibbous moon, as the choice used is the waning gibbous, which is a little bit off from the plot development (I will just leave it at that to keep the review spoiler-free)
-Small bugs (nothing game breaking)

Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure is a linear point & click adventure, yes, but it has so much to offer in the various pieces that combine to make the game a whole. I had a lot of fun running through it, and I look forward to more games by this small group of developers. I do hope that they are no longer stuck in an attic though.

Overall rating 8/10.

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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Sounds like a plan!
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Looks great! Will definitely be keeping my eye on this one