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Posted: Mar 6, 2019 @ 12:29pm
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Fragile Fighter is a 2D platformer with pictoral exploration into several lives that have been tragically altered through strokes of bad luck. The artwork in this game is amazing, and the music is very nice too. The deep topics that are explored are also worth mentioning. The frailty of humans, physical or mental, is portrayed well in this game through convincing art with so much emotion. Thus it is with a heavy heart that I have to give this game a thumbs down at this time because the platforming core component of the game is just not quite there, plus a bunch of smaller issues that I have currently with the game.

What caught my eye at the very beginning about this game was the artwork, and that is pretty amazing and maintains that same magic throughout, bringing more emotion and more meaning as you progress. To use art to explore serious human emotion in a game is not easy, and this exploration is what I think brings in the name of the game. You will find out at the end of the game who the protagonist is and the conclusions of all of the characters are revealed. (I will not make these spoilers of course.)

However, in a 2D platformer, the player should be looking for responsive, challenging, and fun platforming. The controls probably work as intended, but there is a very floaty effect that just makes me cringe. Initially I asked for having this adjusted, but it became less of an issue when I used the score (credits) to purchase an in-game upgrade. However, this gets taken away in the final level of the game and that floaty jump is actually crucial for making it through there. I can see where there's plenty of neat level design and that the variety found within the game is commendable. The most unfortunate aspect of the platforming for me was that it was a seriously repetitive set of simple motions and I did not find the platforming very enjoyable. I ended up working through the levels so that I can unlock all of the gallery and see the story to the end.

Optimization needs some work, I was getting a lot of screen lag when using one of the weapons when it was hitting the enemies more frequently.

The buttons are currently not remappable, that's something that should always be an option.

Let me just point out that the game is rather short. Of the 3 difficulties, I chose Normal and completed a full run in 2.5 hours. Unfortunately the achievements only credited me for having completed the game on Easy for some reason. I assume this is a minor error in triggering achievements that will get fixed later on.

The developer is very responsive and has experience in the healthcare field, and this is probably why she was able to use the most evocative imagery in the artistic plates to discuss the serious topics depicted within this game.

Overall, I think it's an experience worth having, but having a 2D platformer core for this seems somewhat mismatched for the ideas conveyed. While I enjoyed my experience, I also think that it's a bit overpriced. Base-price of $10 USD is quite high for something that lasts only so briefly. (I died a lot in my run that lasted 2.5 hours.) Because the most meaningful parts of the game for me were in the time spent in between the platforming levels, I really cannot recommend this game to my friends.

Here's a video of my first entry into the game:

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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