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Posted: Oct 5, 2018 @ 11:27am
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Early Access Review
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Tower Hunter:Erza's Trial is a new roguelite action metroidvania that has just been released to Steam in Early Access. Currently the game is in v2018.0.010, so of course it's not perfect and it's not the official release, otherwise it would be v1.0 instead. So expect some errors and lack of polish if you get into the game early, but so far, it's showing lots of signs of promise to be a very good action game.

Some people have an issue with putting roguelike and metroidvania together, because of deaths leading to restarting from the beginning, and having a large world to fight through becomes tedious as well from time to time. This and the currently still clunky controls in certain situations do not meld well and may lead to some unexpected deaths and frustrations, but it is still a game that you should expect to improve over time and make it farther as you play more and spend your time with it. Not to mention really is a roguelite, in the same style as Dead Cells.

The game features a lot of upgrades are intrinsically there, you just have to collect crystals to unlock them. This is fairly easy, even if you die a lot, because you will save some of your crystals when you die. You can always go to the upgrade menu in between runs or after any level.

There are so many similarities to Dead Cells that there are impossible to ignore. From the map, to the spending of collected crystals in between levels, to the isolation of bosses on their own level, and more. There are some unique features here, such as input specific attacks similar to traditional combat games that makes the gameplay more interesting as well.

There are currently issues with the game, such as clunkiness of the movement, which becomes less significant after you are able to unlock double and triple jumps. Even after, there are some minor edges that you can almost get over but require to further wall jumps instead. Everything is slowed down because of this, and the lack of flow definitely needs adjustment.

In addition, resting between levels should heal you completely and restock your health potion. This seems inconsistent. Resting before the first boss refilled my potion recharges, but did not give any HP back. Fortunately I just healed and rested again to rectify the situation.

I also had an issue with not being able to uninstall a chip when I came across something that required 20 energy units, and everything had equipped used 10 or 15. I could not replace any of these chips because the total would put me over 100. I am sure this is something they will encounter often enough to allow the player to uninstall multiple chips before picking up a new one.

Lastly, the English translations need to be improved significantly. Some of the translations are reasonable in terms of meaning, but are not conventional English at all. I know that to add blood means to heal, but this is a direct literal Chinese translation of the phrase “加血” or “补血” that are used in Chinese games. There are a lot of different places that could use improvement for the English version.

Controller works well, and that is what I used.

Graphics and Music
The graphics are fantastic. The details are very good. The developers clearly paid a lot of attention to these visual outputs.
The music is quite nice as well, and the sound effects may appropriate.

Tower Hunter:Erza's Trial is a metroidvania roguelite inspired by recent titles such as Dead Cells. The game does offer some unique features and show some promise, but it clearly is a game still in Early Access. It still needs a lot of tweaking and tuning. By this game now if you want to help developer in the development process and to offer your thoughts and ideas so that the game can be made better. If you want a finished and polished product, you would do well to wait and look at the final game upon release. It does show promise, and I think it would be better if they moved away from the Dead Cells template a bit more, including the dying sequence and the map appearance. But especially the map, it works so well, that it would not be unreasonable to keep it. The reason I wanted to move away though, is to avoid any discussions regarding plagiarism. Even though "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," this can also go too far for comfort in some cases. I will let the developers decide for themselves what they consider to be an appropriate and healthy amount of imitation. I do have high hopes for this game in the future, and I think it will definitely get better.

The following video is my first look into this game. I had trouble grasping the controls, and I completely forgot about the special abilities that are built-in based on fighting games. It is really fun getting a different weapon and seeing how these attacks differ from each other. Unfortunately you will not see that my video, for that I apologize:

游戏不错,看上去太多细节都太像 Dead Cells 不过还是蛮有创立的也比较好玩。玩起来感觉还不是非常流利,以后因该会改好些吧。我玩的是v2018.0.010,所以还很早。希望有些地方能改改外观,这样不会被别人说你们是再抄袭其他人的作品。还有就是挺多的英文是直接一个字一个字从中文翻译过来的,所以读起来很别扭。希望以后也以改良一下。

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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