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Posted: Dec 12, 2018 @ 6:10am
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Endhall is a small turn-based roguelike that mixes in some puzzle elements as well. The developer has labeled it a "byte sized roguelike" and this is a very good description. A good run might last you 20 minutes and you may win in that time, or you may make a couple of ill-advised moves that severely truncate that same attempt.

Within the confines of small level sizes and the fact that there are only 10 levels in the whole game, with one boss at the end, the game is very fun and interesting to play.

Just like the game of chess has limited number of pieces, each with set movement and capture rules, this game gives you a basic four actions to start, and a whole run to amass whatever you feel is best in order to make it through the rest of the run.

Dying and retrying is a nature of this game, and your runs will greatly differ from one to the next. A lot of RNG is at play here, to give this tiny game its fun nature and replay value.

As I mentioned before, there are 10 levels in total, and you have to find your best way to survive to the end. You will find some combination of enemies, mobile and immobile, plus landmines and walls on each level. The floor layout is very small, only a handful of rows and columns each.

Your character has one of two stats, energy, which is health, and CPUs, which are basically action points. You can use any actions as you wish during your turn, as long as you have action points needed as well as any action selections that you can afford. But each action that you have can only be used once each turn, unless you choose to pick up another same action between levels.

After clearing one level, you will have a selection from three actions that are generated via RNG. Pick one and it is added to your action list to be available once per turn for the rest of the run. This is the only upgrade option, as there are no others. You cannot upgrade your total health or number of CPUs.

While it is okay to take time to plan out your strategy, continually evading is not a good option in this game, because of the fact that you lose one energy per turn at the end of your turn. So if you only have one health/energy left and you have to end the turn, this will then drain the rest of your energy and the run comes to an end. But should you destroy one or more enemies, you will gain additional energy and be able to continue.

Game can be played with only a mouse.

Game has a base price of 4.99 USD, which is pretty fair I think. I did beat the game for the first time in less than 1.5 hours. But I feel that this game has a decent amount of replay value to justify the price. Not to mention that beating it once does not necessarily provide you the appropriate recipe for success in following runs. It is fun looking for different winning combinations in action sequences that will optimize each aspect of every turn.

Graphics and Music
Graphics show nice pixel art, the text is easy to read. The sounds are very basic but work here.

Anyone who might like a small roguelike that has a good amount of complexity, but okay with knowing that the game is rather short. There are no time limits in turns, so it is rather casual.

+Fun to play, easy way to spend a few minutes at a time, or longer if you get better and survive longer (partly due to luck as well).
+Fair replayability due to some randomization in levels (the degree to which things are randomized I am not sure).
+Complexity in gameplay due to the RNG action additions that are made available with each level to make each run feel significant different from the last.
+Puzzle-esque atmosphere in terms of each best set of actions from turn to turn to help you survive.

-Lacking a bit in content, only 10 levels available per run and there are not too many enemy types.
-Only one boss.

Endhall has different contributors each run to how far you will get. While luck is often a major aspect, your own decisions will most significantly affect the overall outcome much more. The randomization in level/enemy spawning plus the additional actions to your overall repertoire per level means that the game has a good amount of replay value, despite it being a fairly short game. Dying is expected as a part of this game, or at least die trying. Give it a try, it’s a lot of fun.

Here's a video showing two separate runs (neither were winning runs):

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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