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Posted: Aug 24, 2018 @ 9:26pm
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The Game
Pizza Titan Ultra is a game that just by name alone, evokes strange imagery. And while you may let your imagination run wild, you just need to keep in mind that there is some solid gameplay behind these wacky ideas. This is a single camera angle (bird's eye) 3D action platformer that combines combat and destruction with making and delivery pizza. Sounds weird? This is indisputable. Is it fun? Well, somehow they made it work amid all of the popular cultural references laced every step of the way.

Thinking about this game, I find it rather difficult to string together the right words for a proper description, so we will have to just break it down.

You play as the pilot who operates the mobile pizzeria who has a mechanical detachable fist that punches into the sides of buildings in order to make deliveries. So one thing that is a common theme across all of the levels, missions or not, is that you should be working to deliver pizza whenever you get a chance. In fact, you need to make it a priority in most cases, because delivering pizza will give you time boosts that then allow you more time to complete your missions or to earn more money.

There are items strewn across the playing field. These are basically venues that appear to have predetermined geographical and man-made features. However, the order of pizza delivery is usually randomized, so you are not always running from the same building to the same next building while playing. The other items that are things that you should collect are money and time. Of course money boosts your overall score, allowing you to have a better result. Time, on the other hand, increases your total time left, so you can spend a little more time doing what is necessary. Otherwise, there are energy blocks that you can collect in order to replenish the energy of your robotic pizzeria.

Also found on the map are various enemy bots of various kinds. These include land-based and flying enemies. Some of them have close range attacks, while others attack from farther away. You can stomp them to death, swat them out of the sky, etc. Your energy bar is your health, and so replenishing of energy as described above can be important. With your energy charged, you can then use your "ultra" move, which starts as being a short-distance sprint, and you can unlock several others as you play with in-game cash that you have earned in a cumulative pool.

Speaking of money, there is a garage function from the main menu that allows you to unlock cosmetic features for your robotic pizzeria, alter its color scheme, parts, etc. In addition, while you do this, the other "ultra" moves spontaneously unlock depending on how much you manage to unlock. Also the money is used to unlock further venues after the initial one, which is for free. Each venue has a mode in which you are free to explore the different level design, terrain, enemies, and try to deliver some pizzas. Otherwise, there are three missions associated with each venue and you have to follow the objectives in order to be successful. You can repeat a mission or level as often and as many times as you would like, the money that you earn will continue to build up so you can spend freely.

Also found on various locations is the mini-game of making pizza that if you run across these locations, you will then go to a separate screen on the right side that shows a hand placing pizza ingredients. You can try your best to place these ingredient pieces onto the designated spots on the pizza. Then you keep the baking temperature just right to cool the pizza appropriately. Lastly, you have to slice the pizza with the predetermined lines. You also get bonuses if you find the five randomly strewn pizza ingredients in each mission.

The man-made landscape in terms of buildings, homes, etc, are all destructible. Sometimes you may want to use this characteristic to your advance, while other times you may be asked to avoid too much damage total. Those are the missions that if you reach 100% of your allotted destruction, the mission fails.

The camera only offers one single view. It would be so nice if the camera can be rotated, but that is not the case.

There are so many cultural references in this game, too many to count, that is for sure. Some people may find this funny, others may find this annoying and bothersome. I am completely on board with this kind of humor, I think it's great.

Controller works very well, no issues at all. The button mapping makes sense and gives the player the feel that they are actually playing a reasonably nice action-destruction platformer.

Graphics and Music
The artwork present and the gameplay graphics are all quite nice. Nothing at all to complain here. The music is pretty fun to listen to. The vocalized tracks all have visible lyrics you can listen to and watch the ball bounce on the words in the main menu screen.

The younger audience will not get a lot of the references, but they really do not have to. The game can be played by anyone.

This is my biggest issue with the game. I just don't think it has the look or depth of play as a game that should be commanding the asking price of 17.99 USD. I think 10-12 is a more appropriate price for the game.

+Overall quite fun
+Nice way to spread customization cosmetically with in-game cash and the spontaneous ability upgrades that you get while doing so.
+Sizable number of venues/stages and missions total, giving some flexibility and variety (all venues and missions that you have completed are unlocked for play at any time)
+Game looks very polished, and it is clear that the developers put a lot of effort into what they wanted to see out of this game. The game and other cultural references take time to construct, to write, to draw and to implement in this game; and I appreciate the amount of detail and the effort that was put into this.
+Good for gameplay in short spurts for people that have trouble maintaining their attention on one game for a long time.
+Easy to learn, but combat, running, perfecting paths on the terrain, etc. all take a decent amount of effort and learning.

-Would be lovely to have some camera controls
-No voice acting (could contribute to the humor)
-Missions tend to get a bit repetitive at times in terms of the in-game action, and so the price seems to be a bit high.
-For those who want to sit down and play a lengthy game, you may start to feel a lot of repetitive motions and this may not be desirable.

Pizza Titan Ultra is a mashup of time-sensitive pizza delivery speedrunning with high-powered destruction of enemy robots and man-made buildings, all in an arcade fashion. This is all made possible by your fully customizable mech/pizzeria. Cartoony cut-scenes and funny references are numerous as you enjoy a nice soundtrack, though no voice-acting. Too bad the pricing seems a bit high, though clearly a lot of thought and effort was put into making this project possible. If you find this game on sale, I would definitely recommend it.

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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delenn13 Aug 25, 2018 @ 11:46am 
But does it offer pineapple on it's pizzas????:steammocking: