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Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning is a point-n-click choose-your-adventure survival game with a bit of dark humor. You follow the two protagonists, a dog and a rabbit as they face the Zombie Apocalypse. A bit of a caveat is that this game is clearly not for everyone. There is very mature language that seems excessive a lot of times, and this may be enough to drive away some players.

The game starts at the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse, but most of the gameplay takes place 4 months in, after most people(animals) have either succumbed or found a way to survive. Of the survivors, they are all trying to survive in their own ways.

You find out about a scavenging guild early, and you are on a mission to try to join this guild. Through your trials and tribulations, you will gather a supply of goods that are worth something to the guild to other NPCs in the game.

There are plenty of other creatures still alive a few months into the zombie apocalypse and you have to try to convince these others to go to specific locations to scavenge and to loot for you. In return, you act as their guide from afar with the binocular set up in your “Mating Machine” (That’s the name of the van/truck you drive around.) You have to act as look out basically and keep the animals safe, otherwise you don’t get the loot. If they loot a lot, you get more, if they loot little, you get less, reasonably so.

You agree upon a certain percentage for each transaction, and then when the looting/scavenging is all done, you can go in and split the spoils. You can always take less than what you bargained for, but not more. What’s important to note is that there’s two values associated with each item. There is a value that pertains to the guild, and another value that is worth to the animal you are dealing with. So the animal will figure what they get to keep based on value to them. So you can choose what you will, as long as you leave them with enough that is worth to them.

There is also animals who try to extort items from you, while others will ask you to throw some dice and gamble. You have to pick and choose your adventure and decide what you want to do for yourselves. Other NPCs may have a stash of goods that you can trade with what you have. Just remember to pay attention to the two different values of each item whenever you are in any transaction. (Worth to the guild and worth to the NPC you are dealing with.)

The game autosaves, you can quit anytime, game will restart at the previous autosave. No save slot selection, so if you want to undo something, you should restart before the next scene/save. Otherwise, you will have to replay. I wish I could have save slots so that I can try out different scenarios without replaying the whole game from the beginning. (But there are a lot of branching points, so game definitely has replay value.)

One thing to keep in mind regarding the choices also is that they do not really affect the story progression much. It would be nice if the choices that you make could make more of a dynamic influence on the flow and outcomes of the game.

Mature (by language mostly). Look at the trailer, is this the kind of language you are okay with dealing with? If not, don't play this game, it just doesn't stop, from beginning to end.

Really cute, totally misleading in regards to the speech. Very well drawn in characters. I really appreciate the art style and the details.

Like most point-n-clicks, this game is played with the mouse alone.

Game Time
Your run will last about 2 hours, and due to the lack of save slots, you will have to replay a few times if you are a completionist and want all of the achievements. A few of them are rather difficult.

Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning is an interesting point-n-click adventure that takes the protagonist through some trials and tribulations that really reveal their animal natures. The humor is there and often morbid, coupled with the situational stressors, it does not surprise the player that the character's speech would be so laced with foul language. This should really be an option that can be toggled on and off. Though that would require writing many parts of the dialogue twice. The game is good but only to a specific audience. Be careful that you know and are okay with what you are getting into, though I have to say, I had plenty of fun with this game. I think the artwork is good and the game is clever. The humor is what glues the game together for me, but it is clearly going to be individual-based opinions on this part.

I really expected the game to be longer for some reason. I was almost at the end of the game when I thought I was just getting past the initial stages. Then did the name with the subtitle "The Beginning" begin to make sense. It seems like a prequel to a larger story. Will we ever find out what happens to our protagonists and the other NPCs, who knows? In that sense it was a bit disappointing.

I would give the game 7/10 overall.

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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