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Posted: Dec 2, 2018 @ 8:35am
Product received for free

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City Patrol: Police is a strange take on driving simulation and racing that doesn't really do either justice. The game is set in a set city map with a lot of open space that nice pretty nice. The game has fairly good flowing traffic and does play fairly smoothly, but the lackluster missions, story, writing, voice-acting, and general gameplay really doesn't justify its price tag.

There's also not a whole lot to do overall, and it starts to feel like a chore slogging through the campaign levels after a little bit. You still need to play through those to unlock the race tracks and a few cars available in the game. There is an open map game mode where the different campaign tasks are availble plus a few other things, you can drive around and fulfill these tasks, but the flow gets cut off by the fact that the game thinks you are in a mission and tells you good job when the thing is done, and goes back to the main menu.

The idea is good, the execution is so so to poor. Plus there is only single-player mode. You race against time, your old scores, or against AI and more AI. Not that they are easy or anything, and there are multiple difficulty levels you can choose when starting a race. In addition, you can turn on and off traffic for a lot of the races, which is nice. Though if one wanted to play a driving simulator on real road with other cars and maybe make a few harsh decisions, there are those dedicated driving simulators that are a lot better, not to mention cheaper.

If you pay attention to the other cars, trucks, busses, and whatever else driving around, there's not a single driver in sight. So not only are you driving around in a city devoid of people on the streets, the other vehicles are also being operated by ghosts. You are supposed to have a partner riding shotgun, and he makes some comments usually when you complete missions, but if you change the views and look into your car, you will see that the driver is the only person in the car.

At first the hand-drawn cartoony artwork might seem nice and a good contrast against the more realistic rendered environments, these get old after a while, because the same pictures are used again, again, and yet again, and then some more.

The writing is not really all that fitting for a police squad and the dialogue need some reworking. The missions are even less exciting for a police-oriented game, though I understand that police officers are not going to work expecting a high-speed chase or otherwise thrilling to the same degree. Through thrilling or not, there's hardly any danger in this game as well.

The worst thing you can do is total your car or smash someone else's vehicle. Believe me when I say this takes total dedication. It took me 8 whole minutes of trying various things to smash my car. Why did I want to do this? Because there is an achievement trophy connected to this task. This involved me driving the car off a cliff at least 50 times to accomplish.

Too high base price of $24.99 USD. It's just not really all that fun.

+Different perspectives available, 2 different 3rd person, 2 different first person
+Smooth driving
+Different game modes

-Need I say more?

City Patrol: Police looks interesting and plays fairly smoothly, otherwise, the game falls a bit flat. The price is too high and I cannot justify people spending time with this title.

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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YQMaoski Oct 13, 2020 @ 6:18am 
It's one of those that is simply missing too much for a modern game with such a high price tag and so little content and variety. At least asset flip games out there cost 1-2 dollars usually, this is a bigger scale of that and costs an arm and a leg.
Two Clicks Oct 13, 2020 @ 6:14am 
The sort of game that used to appeal to me 10+ years ago. I love playing games that give you diff. experiences and from your on point review I can tell Id be really disappointed in this. Theres just to many low budget games that are unfulfilling nowadays.