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Posted: Feb 7, 2020 @ 10:40am
Updated: Feb 7, 2020 @ 10:40am

Yakuza 0 is an amazing game and is the first one I played from the series. I know I am going to have to play through the rest of them as well, once I sunk my teeth into this. This game has so much story broken into many chapters, two protagonists who you really learn to embrace, and just a ton of beat-em-up action and a solid skills/abilities upgrade system.

The side content is also numerous and time-consuming. I started to do a lot of the side content but eventually thought I would be better served just to run through the story and do whatever came my way. This is such a problem in the modern day problem of too many games, too little time. If I had this game 10 years ago, I am sure I would have explored every nook and cranny and did every optional quest in between.

The biggest problem with this game as far as I can see is that there is perhaps too much story-telling and too much dialogue for some people. If your schedule is tight and your play time is limited, you may not have the needed time to appreciate all of the cutscenes and story components that are crucial to the game. But what if that's not your cup of tea? Well, the game supposedly gives you an option to skip some dialogue and cutscenes. The problem? Too many are non-skippable. (Anyway, this is not a problem for me, I know a couple of people who don't care about plot/story and just want to get going with the action most of the time.) There's very little problem otherwise I have with this game. Perhaps in-combat targeting could use some improvement, but that's fairly minor compared to what the game has to offer. (One other very minor complaint is that the sound accompanying the SEGA logo on launch is so much louder than everything else in the game. Seriously, why would you do this?)

All in all, this game is absolutely amazing, I don't at all regret any of the time I spent parsing through the many aspects of this game. I may even go back one day and try to do the other side quests I haven't done. But for now, it'll have to be put on hold.

So Much Content
In terms of content in-game that's fun and varied, there's not much of an example to compare to the mini-games, the side quests, and the different things you can do in this game. I suppose that's why for the majority of people who go on to get 100% in this game, it takes well over 200 hours.

The game is amazing and if you have any interest, you should play it.

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Fester Mar 7, 2020 @ 6:11am 
It’s fine that you are enjoying the game, but if anyone is thinking of getting this game just for the action, I’d highly advise against it.

That said, unskippable cutscenes really aren’t the problem, they are what define the game.
YQMaoski Mar 6, 2020 @ 9:18am 
Not a complaint, I am highlighting that it's one of the reasons this game is worthwhile, that's why it had it's own little section. I also didn't mind the story-telling aspect, but the fact that you cannot skip a lot of the cut-scenes would put some people off. I enjoyed every minute of it.
Slipgate Mar 6, 2020 @ 8:28am 
You're complaining there's too much content? :steamfacepalm:
FruitNDoggie Feb 16, 2020 @ 7:44am 
This game does look amazing.