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Cat Quest is an action RPG with a major storyline, plenty of side quests, and a lot of loot and goodies for the player to find in the way of witty language, feline related puns, addictive gameplay, etc.

The Story
The story is simple but works very well. Dragons once threatened the land of Felingard, but cats who had a special mark that made them Dragonblood were able to protect the land and its catizens. Those were ages long past, and now the threat is once again present and you control the protagonist, who happens to be a Dragonblood, in his quest to save his sister. In the process, can you also save Felingard?

The gameplay is fairly simple, it is a continuous action RPG, with your main character hacking and slashing through all enemies that stand in the way. Kill enemies, fulfill quests, all to earn experience in order to level up, and to become more powerful. Enemies also drop money, which is also obtained from doing quests, so that you can purchase upgrades for equipment and spells.

The game allows the head feline to get to level 99, in the meantime obtaining all seven spells, and much of the available equipment. Your character can equip three items and four skills at a time. The items are one headgear, one armor, and one weapon. Your character has four different statistics, health, attack, magic, and armor. You can change equipment anytime, and you can play according to your style, as well as to fit the best situation that you are dealing with.

The game has a main quest, and every time you choose a side quest, the game puts the main quest on hold. The game always tell you where to go, so you are never lost. This is quite fantastic, because you do not have to remember locations, and the different main and side quests will take you all over the map, exploring all of the puns strewn across the world map.

In order to cast your spells, you need to have adequate magic points. If you deplete your magic/mana, you have to use melee attacks in order to refill your mana.

You can save any location that has a sleeping symbol and a pillow outside the door. You walk up to it and press sleep, and the main character falls right over, recovers all HP and mana, while at the same time creates a save. I believe you only have one save slot in this game. Which is okay, because you do not need anymore.

Let me elaborate, if you happen to fall in combat, there appears to be zero risk and zero loss. This is in the main game anyway. The game does not care how many times you have died. You just wake up at the nearest pillow and keep going as if nothing ever happened. You cannot seem to lose any experience, gold, or any equipment.

Speaking of equipment, I really like the set up in this game, because you never have worthless loot. If you find a another chest containing item you already have, your existing items just levels up, to be able to give you better stats without same item. Each slot in your inventory is a unique item as a result.

I have not finished the main game yet, and it appears that there is a New Game + mode that is available afterwards called the "Mew Game," where you can select modifiers for your game, and accomplish some of the improbable feats in order to earn a few of the achievements. None of these seem easy, but they all seem doable. These modifiers can be toggled in the Mew Game, alone or in combination, such as keep your MC at level 1, or have stronger enemies, or you have only 9 lives, etc. I shudder at the thought of having all of that protection stripped away. Yet at the same time, I am looking forward to the challenges. (As of writing this review, I am still going through the main quest and trying to do as many of the side quests as I can.)

I have since finished the main quest. After which you can elect to continue your current game in order to achieve completionist achievements, or you can select New Game +. In addition, the Mew Game mode is separate from New Game +, and it is where you take on challenges in order to try to obtain the Old Masters equipment set and the Mew Game achievements.

Controls very well with the controller. On the Xbox controller, A is the dodgeroll, X is the melee attack. Y is used to interact with objects like chests, B is used to access your in-game stats/inventory/skills. Bumpers and Triggers for the 4 different skills/spells. Thankfully, the D-pad and the joystick both work to move the character around. I am so thankful for this. Game can also be easily played with the keyboard and mouse, which I tried as well. I prefer the controller.

Graphics and Music
The artwork is especially adorable. The smoothness of the drawings are very appealing. Do not let the innocuous looking random animals on the screen fool you, because they are almost inevitably deadlier than you thought. There are kitten paws and ears everywhere for you to find and just to get a warm and fuzzy feeling. If you are a cat person, you will absolutely love this game. It is so cute.
As for the music, I have zero complaints. The music is rather epic and situational dependent. I found myself humming the tunes after I quit the game.

This is a game for all ages. Maybe if cartoon violence does not seem right to you, you might want to avoid it. The action RPG part is fairly easy to learn, with the enemies having plenty of tell before their strikes. Your dodgeroll moves in all directions and you can usually get out of the way of the attacks. If you die in a bad fight situation, the game just restarts where you last saved, nothing lost at all.

+So cute, I had to randomly go to sleep at times just to watch the animation
+Still a very good game in terms of gameplay
+Good story, lots of side quests
+Lovely artwork beyond the kittens as well.
+Fun, does not feel grindy (though I am not that far in yet)
+Achievements that actually take some time and effort to obtain
+Trading cards
+I love the equipment upgrading system when you find the same equipment, no clutter in the inventory
+Lots of dungeons for main and side quests.
+Modifiers in Mew Game (New Game +) for added replay value.
+I love the puns throughout the game, I am having such a giggle reading through them.
+Really enjoying the soundtrack, in the short amount of time played so far anyway.
+Simple to learn and good for all ages.

-If you are a completionist and don't want to spend the time, don't get into this game, some of the challenge based achievements may elude you for a long time.
-Seriously? I have to think of something else I don't like about this game? Nah, I just can't. I am in cat heaven right now.

Cat Quest is lovely, is adorable, is witty and filled with puns. It has simple battle mechanic and an intuitive no-hassle equipment upgrade system. There are very few stats to worry about, and you can just play to enjoy the game. The simple mechanics of this game might be a bit detrimental to hardcore players, but as an average player, I cannot help but ogle at all of the creative details spread across the map for the player to really just to have a good time. I want to savor this game, I also cannot wait to get back into it. I would absolutely recommend this game. 9/10 by my standards.

The following is a video of my initial blind foray into this lovely game:

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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