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Posted: Jun 28 @ 8:53pm
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Take the classic game of Clue and mix in a group coop atmosphere along with a verbal cross of Charades and Pictionary in group co-op and co-laughter format, and you get this wonderful game, which has been nicely digitized and is quite affordable on Steam.

Just played this game for the first time earlier today with a group of friends, 5 of us total, and only one of us had any experience in the game whatsoever. We played 3 rounds of head-scratching goodness with plenty of intro- and extrospection and lots of self-ridiculing commentary. At the end of the day and everyone having headaches, we still sat around chatting about how much fun we had and that we definitely wanted to bump heads again in trying to really tweak in the inner-workings of each other's minds.

Even though the online community is small, there seems to be a fair number of people who own this game. So if you have a sizable friend list on Steam, chances are that you will have a few people who own this game and would be able to play with you. If you don't, there's a global lobby, though it was a little scant while we were hopping in and out of our own games earlier.

This game does support up to 7 players online, so it's a pretty good one for a lot of laughter. There is no single-player mode as far as I am concerned. It would not make much sense for you to be playing by yourself. The game offers a single-player campaign but really feels like it's primarily meant for multiplayer. You will find out right away after trying it out why.

Even though the game is played only with a mouse, I do not advise you, as I had before, to play with any beverage of choice in the other hand. You want to have your full wits about you when this game is running, seriously.

What I like about the game is that if you have a group of friends, and you all hop on voice chat and join a game, the game is a never-ending stream of commentary about why you are right and wrong at the same time in making your own choices. I am not really going to get into what the heck the gameplay involves, because you either have to watch some people play or you will have to jump in a couple of games, and you will know right away.

Get it if you like multiplayer coop board games and you have a group of friends that you want to play with. It's been bundled a few times recently, so you can probably get a copy even cheaper, though the Steam base price is totally reasonable. I think we are going to have plenty of hours of fun and banter with this title before we are done with it.
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YQMaoski Oct 7 @ 10:11am 
After playing this online a few times, I have thought about getting the board game. But I hear that it takes quite some time to set up, and I like the cleanliness and the no need to set up and clean up of the digital version. Haha...
Atti Br Oct 7 @ 10:04am 
I have the original board game at home. My husband was the ghost and I guess his clues are at least as questionable as an AI. :enlightenedone: :amberPiece: :hermeshappy:
Punkster Jun 29 @ 2:09pm 
Interesting, I shall take a goosey, thanks.
[IN]Bishamonten Jun 29 @ 9:14am 
I just tried a couple of single player missions. At least in the first few they give you very obvious choices but the AI's decision when you play as the ghost are pretty... questionable... definitely not nearly as fun as with other people.
YQMaoski Jun 29 @ 5:38am 
Thanks for the heads up. I modified my review a little. I still don't really want to play the single-player mode though, feels like it would not be nearly as fun as with everyone chiming in with all of those funny associations.
onLooSe Jun 29 @ 1:37am 
Tons of fun! There's kinda single player btw and a story campaign like thingy that introduces you to all the mechanics and puts a bit of context about the idea of the game if you want to role play as "gifted mystic" of sorts :)
You can play games with AI - no problems, although it's not perfect, but not bad either. You can fill spots with AI in Multi Player as well, which might lead to more fun or maybe annoyance if the AI can't reach the end phase compared to your friends :D