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Early Access Review
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This is an Early Access quick impression:

Streets of Rogue has a lot of good going for it, and it is still in early access as well at this point. They are trying to accomplish so much with this game, it is absolutely awe-inspiring.

Normally tutorials are just for a player to get used to the mechanics, but this game's tutorial is filled with humor, that it truly leaves the player a good first impression and wanting to dig into the main game as soon as possible. I would not be lying if I told you that this is the most fun I have ever had playing through a game's tutorial. If you already have this game in your library, you should at least go through to the tutorial to see what I mean. I am not giving you any more spoilers on this one...

Now to the mechanics of the game, there are several levels possible, and you start at the base and work your way up. You gain experience and money within procedurally generated rooms, much like many other roguelikes. You progress through the levels, like a dungeon crawler, floor by floor, level by level. You gain money by looking in trash cans/chests, randomly on the floor, killing/stealing/looting, among other ways. There are shops/vending machines, hands for hire, etc to use the in-game cash. Weapons are the usual fist, guns, knives, etc, but also some surprising far-fetched items/ideas to keep the gameplay fresh and unique. You gain experience and level up, and gain new abilities that enhance your play. Many games have this feature, the way they are written in this game is very unique and often very funny. Why not be funny and be having fun at the same time? After each victory (none yet for me) or death, you have some meta-game currency to use in the form of chicken nuggets, for permanent unlocks in the game, these are special weapons or items, specialty modifications to your next run (like traps do not trigger, etc.), or a slew of other goodies. This game has a lot to offer for its current early access state.

Each floor gives you several missions randomly from a grab bag to do on that mission, be it free someone from being locked up, operate some machinery, get into a building/room and take an item from a chest, eliminate an NPC, or obtain an item from a NPC, among others. These are the goals for that floor, and once you finish, you are welcome to leave the floor. You can accomplish your goals through brute-force violence, with melee or ranged weaponry, or you can do a lot of it sneaking around hostile NPCs (literally by walking at their pace, behind them, and out of their line of vision), or you can hack computers from afar (behind walls), etc. Really, seemingly all means possible at this point. If you need to enter a building, you can do it the old fashioned way through a door, or you can just blow a hole in the rear and "sneak" in and out. The basic premise is that if you do something outside of the line of sight or hearing of someone who would be aggravated by your actions, you can get away with it. In fact, there are extra experienced to be awarded to you if you do not engage anyone in fights, or if you do not kill anyone on the floor. Of course if your mission is to eliminated a few people, your chances of not killing anyone is fairly slim. I can think of at least one way of getting around it, from my playing so far, but I would not want to ruin the fun of discovery for you now, would I?

This game is one of those I would say is easy to pick up and difficult to master. The controls are fairly straight forward, and action leads to reaction, and further consequences, in a fairly rapid sequence, and that is what I think makes it difficult. I see there are many different possible characters to play with. A few starting up that are available, others that are unlocked as you play. There are actually drastic differences in stats and abilities in the starting characters, that it makes it worthwhile to try them all, in order to learn all of the aspects of the game.

The floors are a good (reasonable) size, so that by the time you are done with your missions on each floor, you will have explored pretty much all of it. It's top down and all rooms interior/exterior is visible to you from the beginning, so that you can plan your actions carefully. Nobody comes after you if you do nothing to anger them. You are the ultimate crook among crooks, civilians, and police officers, and nobody knows the better--until your actions are displayed in public, that is. You can take your time and spend tens of minutes, or you can rush through your actions/missions and complete a floor in a minute or two.

Choices matter in this game, when you interact with NPCs. This is not too extensive, but I will let you play to find out what I mean... As I have suggested before, by all means possible should you try to accomplish your goals.

The music and sound effects are appropriate for the game, nothing too fancy, but seems to blend into the game play rather well.

I like the graphics as well, it is pixelated, top-down, as anyone would know from seeing the trailers or screenshots. of having cartonnish large-noggin characters fighting each other with detached fists or other weapons.

This game has multi-player, and I see in the settings, you can kill each other if you are not careful. I am sure you can sabotage each other too. This supports up to 4 players multiplayer. I have not tried this, but I can imagine doing a co-op run and how much fun that would be. Or how much of a total jerk you can be if you wished to drag your buddies down just to mess with them.

Overall, this game is still in early access, but it is certainly an enormous project already. It has been developed enough that you would take this game as it is as a full game, but there are signs of bigger and better things still to come. If you like games like this one, give it a chance. It has a lot of replay value, and the writing is unique and funny, which is my favorite part of this game. This game is only going to get better from here.

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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