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Posted: Oct 5, 2018 @ 9:03am
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Marble Land is a casual puzzle game made in a 3D environment and supports VR. In fact, the primary build was made for VR, but since I don't have a VR set up, I only played a bit in the flattened build so far, and it's amazing. I was floored by the amount of detail and the absolutely stunning appearance of this game. The polish in this game makes it really look more than an indie title.

Okay, so the appearance is amazing, but you want to hear a bit about the game itself, eh?

I don't think there's a story, you just start. Every level involves getting a marble to the appropriate goal. The tutorial in the options menu is really amusing, it's a single screen with three objects and three words, because it's simple to understand.

There are some interactive parts of the environment and these are either directly interacted upon by your click or by contact with the rolling marble.

Every time you click on the marble dispenser, a new marble rolls out, so you do not have to worry about making sure that the path is complete from the beginning to the end in order to complete a level. (With the exception of the first very beginning level that shows you what the different parts are and showcases some of the graphical details, you pretty much need to roll multiple marbles to get to the goal.)

In my video below, I have recorded my first look at the game, including my bungling my way through the first 10 levels of the game, so you can get a pretty good idea of the actual gameplay. But if you want no spoilers at all, please don't watch it.

Keyboard and mouse works perfectly, as does the XBox One controller. I am sure that the game, being primarily made for VR, is also pretty smooth with VR controllers too. (This last bit I cannot attest to.)

If you get into a funny location, you can recenter yourself easily, and you can also teleport your perspect to another part of the map.

Graphics and Music
Graphics are stunning, just take a look at some of the screenshots and trailers, or watch my video if you don't mind some spoilers. I wasn't too impressed with the trailer initially, but when I had the game load up in full screen and I am looking around, I notice details in the environment that are often neglected. This developer really paid attention.

The music is calm, the sound effects are minimal and appropriate. The atmosphere seems good for puzzle solving. The only time I didn't like the sound was when I accidentally half activated the teleport function and it looked like an alien trying to abduct me. You can see this in my fumbling around level 1, and my later accidental teleport to a different part of the map.

Everyone who enjoys 3D puzzles and want a visually gratifying experience.

Price at base is $14.99 USD, and currently it's at 35% discount for the next 2 weeks at $9.74 USD, so I hope everyone who is interested will peek at the game at least. I think it's worth the sale price, for sure. With the increasing popularity of VR, this is a good game to have in your library. Of course I haven't played it enough to see all of the game. According to the developer in the discussions forum, it should be about 4 hours of gameplay. I have finished Chapter 1, which has 15 levels, there are still Chapters 2 and 3 to go.

Marble Land is a casual puzzler in a 3D environment with optional VR. It is visually stunning and the puzzles are quite fun. Even though the game will fall short of a lot of people's expectation of getting at least 1 hour out of each dollar they spend, I would still recommend this game without hesitation. If you don't want to pay the fulll price, I would still recommend it on a sale. I am also looking forward to revisiting the game and its environment once I get my hands on a VR set up.

Here's my blind first look gameplay video of the first 10 levels of the game (of course there are spoilers so you have been warned):

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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