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Posted: Nov 7, 2018 @ 11:14am
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TSIOQUE is a brand new point & click adventure that features beautiful artwork and animations, nice story, and a playing style that differs from the standard casual point & click format. While it may still be considered casual to many, it has a lot of timed components and many fail states, so it is not going to be enjoyed by everyone. Fortunately there is a demo available and so anyone can easily see what the game is about without needing to buy.

The game has a nice story and a good set of animations to begin, setting the mood for everything and why you will follow Princess Tsioque on her quest, despite her being a young child in her own castle. She is resourceful and intelligent, she knows where to go and how to act in situations of danger. She has super-child strength and is able to do most things living and breathing adults cannot. She can also make some good and timely decisions to get herself out of trouble--at least with the player input.

Almost all aspects of the game and every interaction is animated very well. So the production quality of this game is very high. At the same time a lot of these animations may take some extra time and you cannot skip them, so for someone who often gets impatient like me, this is not always idea. But a lot of the built in humor is evident in these animations, so while I was impatient, I was also enjoying myself casually observing and taking mental notes.

Most of the scenes involve very few things to do. While I am unclear whether there are multiple success solutions out of the many jams Tsioque finds herself throughout the game, there are certainly many places where the player should expect to experience many failures before coming out with the right steps to get out. I had to fumble around quite a few times in the early stages in order to learn and to move forward. Fortunately the fail states, though easy to reach, also reset you right back to just before it occurred. There's no break or discontinuity of gameplay and it doesn't really require you to retract your steps, so it can still be considered rather casual.

There are certain scenes that are fairly wide open as well, that involves several places our princess can venture to and to explore and to interact with. These form the basis of the larger puzzles that the player will need to play through. Some situations are tough and confusing, but after playing for a while, the player will recognize some patterns and clues and be able to move forward. I am uncertain how long this game will take to complete, though so far I feel like I have only seen a small part of the story, more than 2 hours into playing. (Though a lot of this was repeated trial and errors in certain situations.)

For those players who are looking for a traditional point & click experience, this is not it. Those games usually ask the player to find things, put them together in the right order in the proper situation, and to solve a series of puzzles. This game is more of an adventure where your mouse click prompts the on-screen protagonist to perform an action in an often timely manner. While there are puzzles as well, mostly fairly straight forward, the timed actions may excite some players, but deter others.

There is voice acting for two different languages, how often does this happen with an indie title? Yay for high production value and a nice story.

Mouse only, for different on-screen actions

Graphics and Music
Beautiful artwork, many nice animations. The character/creature designs are really well done too.
Music is fun to listen to, the sound effects are great too. Voice acting I listened to in English only and so far it's been pretty good.

It's casual and forgiving nature makes it reasonable for mostly everyone. But for people who absolutely cannot deal with timed sequences, this might not be for you. Definitely check out the demo though.

TSIOQUE is an exciting point & click adventure game with a lot to offer. The developers clearly put a lot of effort into this title to make it worth the potential player's time. It is very nice that there is a demo available for people to try out this non-conventional point & click title. From what I have seen so far, this is well-crafted, fun to play, and rather humorous too.

Please see video below for about 1/2 hour of gameplay from the beginning:

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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You are welcome! Glad to have been of help. :golden:
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Thanks for this informative review. I've added the game to my wishlist :yazdsmile: