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Posted: Nov 4, 2019 @ 4:42pm

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When The Past Was Around - Prologue is the demo teaser for the main game that will be coming in Spring 2020. This demo will take you somewhere around 10-15 minutes to complete and it is pleasant to play, to look at, and to listen to. A few simple puzzles and a few situational art decisions really draw in the player before a jarring ending that just leaves you wanting more.

That is what a demo is supposed to do, give you enough of an idea of what the game will look like and feel like, but teases you to actually go buy the game instead. Unfortunately the game proper will not be available any time soon, so it's a serious tease.

Nevertheless, I had fun and I hope you will all give it a try. Maybe you will think that waiting until the full game is released to then try the demo would be better too. That's definitely a personal decision.

As for me, it's too late to turn back time, if only when the past were around...

A few simple and fairly standard point-n-click puzzles in this demo. Mostly the player should expect to be captured in the moment by the artwork and the music.

Mouse only. You can press escape any time during the game to restart from the beginning. I did not find a way to exit the program other than Alt+F4.

Well-done hand-drawn art is always pleasant to look at.

Background music is a running piano piece that is very pleasant. I didn't listen to it for a long time, so I don't know how it will sound if there's no additional variation for a longer game. But I fully expect the main game to have a lot more to it.

Any point & click fan should enjoy it, the implied story is definitely something to look forward to in the main game.

Well, the demo is free, so check it out at your leisure. The only demand is time, and as I mentioned, somewhere around 10-15 minutes is all you need.

When The Past Was Around - Prologue is a neat demo to a game that will be coming to Steam in Spring 2020. After playing this demo, I am going to be adding that to my wishlist. Give it a try, as it will only take 10-15 minutes to get through. Definitely an experience that combines, visuals, sounds, and simple Point & Click puzzle-gameplay. It's a demo done well.

I received the product for free, and I hope nobody paid for the demo. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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