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Posted: Nov 5, 2019 @ 6:46pm
Product received for free

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DemonCrawl is the latest Minesweeper spinoff that takes the game into the roguelite RPG realm with health, defense, money, shops, and an inventory that could be populated by many unique items found within the game that changes how you approach the basic gameplay. The traditional mines have been replaced with monsters and if you click on it accidentally you will be attacked by the monster. Depending on your health/defense and other passives, you might just take a little damage or reduced toughness of your armor. So in some ways this game is more forgiving than the traditional Minesweeper

There's player progression in a steady and permanent sense, with unlockable passives and leveling up. Though the exp and leveling up really doesn't grant much of anything useful for the new runs, so you are practically starting from square one each run. The meta-currency for unlocking things permanently are tokens, and you will find them lying around in the levels or you get a couple for each time you level up.

The game is more straight forward if you play the classic game board that is provided. You specify how many blocks tall and wide the board is along with how many monsters will spawn and you just play it like the traditional game.

From when I recorded my first-look video until release, there have been some QoL changes, pretty much all for the better. My video can be found here:

I have played for 4+ hours already and have not managed to complete a single quest yet, I wouldn't say that I am bad at the game, and I played many hundres of hours of Minesweeper in my youth, plus some more recent hours with other kinds of spinoffs, but this one just feels different. Maybe all of the other stuff on the screen that I am trying to also pay attention to is seriously distracting me to the point of not paying enough attention to the board itself. Although there are a lot of times I find it difficult because of situations that just require guessing instead of logic.

There are 100 achievements in this game. I have 5 so far after a couple of quite lengthy sittings. For me, it's easy to sit for long period of time playing this kind of game.

Mouse is all that you need. To pan around the board, you can use the middle mouse button to click and drag. You can also use WASD and Arrow keys to move the board, with option to invert the direction of the panning. In addition, you can also use Space and drag. For me, it was easiest using the inverted keyboard panning with WASD and using a mouse just for clicking. You only need to Left Click the numbered grid to reveal every other one as long as the appropriate number of monsters have been flagged.

Neat pixel artwork, fun to look at.

Different boards/themes have different accompanying music, sometimes it may seem repetitive, but I didn't mind. You can always turn off the sounds or music should you wish.

It's a really interesting way to put Minesweeper into a dungeon crawling RPG experience. I think it has a lot of appeal for people who enjoy casual but quite interesting games.

Base price at $14.99 is a bit too high, in my opinion. For people who are going to have countless of hours of fun playing it though, it would be worth it. If it's something you are hesitant about, waiting for a sale is also reasonable.

DemonCrawl is fun, it's definitely not for everyone, but for a large number of people who want to play Minesweeper with additional RPG elements and challenging quests, along with a ton of in-game modifiers, this game is a really good addition to the Steam library. I think the price is a little high for something like this, but check it out for sure on a sale.

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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{TTV/1MantisPhoenix/∞ Nov 6, 2019 @ 9:06am 
i never thought a minesweeper game could ever be this interesting, or deep in my life, till now. This is the best redesigned game I have ever seen. The Old, first monopoly game was also really good when transforming a board game into a block management, entrepreneurial master piece ;)

Thanks again, so it looks really good long-term from the devs'? :)
YQMaoski Nov 6, 2019 @ 8:34am 
You are welcome guys! I finally beat one quest last night, and had unlocked a couple of other more useful permanent passives as a result (still had to pay tokens to get them), but now starting a new quest is no longer at square one. So there are incentives to actually run through quests and get some career/build related passives. I am just finding these out late last night...
{TTV/1MantisPhoenix/∞ Nov 6, 2019 @ 5:12am 
Very Unique game yes :) i want to play it with steam controller :D *addicted
Much in-depth review, thank you
janner66 Nov 6, 2019 @ 12:39am 
Interesting idea. Thanks for the review.