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Shahriar Islam Sythil   Rajshahi, Bangladesh
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My name is MD. Shahriar Islam Sythil AKA Steel Winchester AKA Xtreme Steel .

Sex: Male
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 209 lbs
Birth: 25th March
Religion: Islam
Language: Bengali, English
Relationship: Single since birth

I am an ex-student of Green Leaf Kindergarten, Shiroil Government High School and Rajshahi University School. I am a student of Rajshahi University. Currently I am studying Anthropology for my bachelors degree in Social Science.

I am an ex Pokemon Master in Rajshahi City, I am the defender of the football team FC falcon. I love playing every type of games. I am all about gaming. Gaming is my passion. I love to hunt for achievements.

I trade 1:1 any "same" game trading card
exmp: 1 cs card for 1 cs card
I don't add VAC banned players to my friendlist

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Instagram Account : https://www.instagram.com/shahriarsythil/?hl=en
Origin ID : SonicSteelWing
Uplay ID : XtremeSteel
Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz8qpOxzBQaM_v62eyj3Lug
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Discord : XtremeSteel#7169

Me as who I am
I'm The Hero Of A Thousand Stories.
I lost everything that was mine..
I've killed millions of zombies, I've gone through time. . .
I was fearless when every one was afraid, I fought alone in a far away world.
I have been to countless historical wars, made huge diffence in them.
I went to the past, I have gone to the future.
I met ancient Heroes, I met advanced Heroes
I had many relations although I was always single
I went to the deppest cave, dived into the deepest sea, flied up the highest sky, climed the highest mountains. . .
I am rich, I am poor, I live simple, I live in Royalty.
I met peoples who were dead for hundreds and thousands of years.
I break the laws and protect the law
I have hundred of planes, cars, bikes. I have many mansions.
I regenarate, I toxicate, I absorb, I protect
I am a leader, a fighter, a general.
I create crime scenes, I investive them.
I am a ghost, a devil, an angel
I have fired countless bullets, took billions of lives.
I made thousand promises I still have to keep, My powers reached up as I grew.
I'm A Superhero, An Assassin, A Soldier...
I've Slain Dragons And Travelled Through Portals...
I started wars . I ended many . I started a revolution. I went on the edge.
I'm A Spartan, A Commander, A King, An Emperor. . .
I am a hunter. I am also a pirate, a sniper, a racer, a hacker.
I am a theif, I am a police, I am criminal, I am an agent.
I am a legend, a beast, a hero, a powerhouse
I have been to hell. I have also been to heaven
I have built an empire while destroying thousand others in the process
I've Saved A Thousand Worlds And Countless More Lives

You Want to know What Am I?

PC Specs
OS : Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Processor : Intel Core i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz
Ram : Corsair Vengeance LPX 4GB DDR4 2400MHz & HyperX Kingston Fury Black 8 GB DDR4 2400 MT
Motherboard : MSI B150M Gaming Pro
GFX : Sapphire Pulse AMD Radeon RX 570 8GB GDDR5
Monitor : Dell E1709W Widescreen
Storage : Western Digital Blue 2TB & TOSHIBA DT01ACA050 500GB
Mouse : A4tech Bloody Light Strike A91 Gaming Mouse
Headset : Dragonwar G-HS-005 VIOLENT GAMING HEADSET
Keyboard : Perfect RX-586 USB Keyboard
Webcam : A4tech PK-760E
PSU : Thermaltake Litepower 550W
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Finally unlocked Lara but found out I have done just half of the grinding -_-
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Time for another review change. This is the 3rd time I am changing this review. This review is based on OB67 of the game

Paladins: Champions of the realm is one of the best one of the best online first person champion based shooter game I have ever played and it is still in it's beta phase and that is saying something.
Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play hero shooter video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios.
It is a game that takes place in another form of realm which is not earth which has different champions coming from all around the universe.
There are currently several types of gameplay (Seige, Onslaught and deathmatch) to play which are really awesome to play. R.I.P. Payload which wasn't bad at all. Wish they would give that game mode back,
The game is in beta form and is constantly updating with new champions, maps, balance changes and many other features rolling out frequently.
The game already has 35+ active champions to choose form being from 4 classes: Frontline, damage, flank & support.
Each class will get experience points by doing their specific role. But you are not tied to doing that one specific thing which is great.
The best things I have seen Paladins is not making any champion clunky or useless, if you can play a champion right, he will be good, even a support is not stuck with just healing or a frontline stuck with staying on the objective.
It is a Free-to-play game but it has microtransactions but I can say they did microtransactions right (almost). Microtransactions here are only for skin, emotes, sprays and other things which doesn't affect in gameplays. If you are good, you don't need to pay to win.
Champions and Talents (Pre OB67 which were called legendary cards) still need to be bought but a player will have one legendary cards per champion and as you grow and get experience, you will get the talents for free.
Champions have levels which doesn't boost any of their stats, so if your good you don't need to care about another persons level. Levels indicate how much a person has played with that champion. (or after OB67 is how much they spent on those champions)
The only bad thing about paladins is buying champions, legendary cards which you can get with coins, or cystals. You can farm up coins and even crystals (which can be bought with real world money.) which can effect your gameplay a little bit. But it's not that bad cause if you play enough (and it's not that much) you will have the ability to buy anything in the game which is good.

Paladins being new to the genre an being still in beta form has already set it's flag on the Esports standards.
It has the potential to be one of the best champion based FPS games of all times and it is in constant development and getting better and better with time. The awesome thing about paladins is that it doesn't require a beast PC or a beast internet connection to run it. I don't have a graphics card on my PC or a broadband connection and play with a mobile connection and it runs decently. So a decent broadband connection and a decent PC and you are good to go. Champion skills are easy to understand but hard to master like any other game but it does it in a very good way.
As many players will say the game is a rip off of many other games, I will beg to deffer. This game was inspired by team fortress 2 concept but that's about it. It's like saying mario , limbo, sonic are ripoff game of each other because they are all side scrolling games. Paladins have unique champions with unique skillsets which unique gameplay mechanics.
The game let's you choose a character and let's you stick to that one character so team building is very essential because you cannot see the enemy teams picks (in casual) but it gets better when in game you can pick loadouts and items based on what you need to win the game.
Because the game is in beta and is constantly changind the game has many bugs but the developers react faster to fix this bugs which is another great thing about this game.

* Expanding Maps and Champions
* Balance changes and patch to keep the game fresh and balanced
* New Game modes
* Best way to use microtransactions
* Esports ready
* Active Community
* Active feedback forum
* Different champions for different types of players
* Best to play with friends or teams
* In game voice chat & keybind chat
* Supports low-med to med range computers also
* A decent internet and you are good to go
* Every champion is fun to play
* Unique skill sets that makes every champion play differently
* Daily Logins gives you bonus rewards. Keeping the player base alive
* Servers are good as of now
* Accessabity is massive because Paladins is also on the Console version as well as the PC version
* Mount Horses (Cause why not :P )
* Graphics is very good.
* Card system and item shop makes gameplay more tactical
* An Innovative Ranked System
* A screen to show team and enemy team loadout and items picked
* Deaths doesn't feel like was the games fault, More that it is your fault (Higher Time To Kill)
* Cards makes a same champions play differently in game.
* Can unlock all the gameplay related stuffs (champions, legendary cards, cards) by simply just playing and not spending a dime
* A better game for previous MOBA players to relate to play an FPS game
* A low queue time
* Maps are symmetrical

* Bugs old and new (but they get fixed if found).
* Champions are locked until bought in casual gameplay. (Just gind it out)
* Legendary cards and loadout cards needs to be bought. (Pick wisely)
* Maps aren't polished perfectly and champions somtimes gets stuck in an odd places
* some times commands doesn't respond.
* Can't chat with the other teams (You know how fun that is :P )
* Toxic players like in any other MP games but much less
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