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Charles Franks   United States
"There're perks to having very low expectations in humanity! Undoubtedly: The biggest one being that you'll rarely ever be disappointed whenever someone betrays you!" - Charles Franks

I now have to enforce martial law on my profile.

Rule 1: absolutely NO TRADING of any kind will be tolerated. OF ANY KIND , bar nothing. Nothing personal to anybody else, but having your account stolen over a item trade authentication scam can do that to someone.

Rule 2: I won't tolerate disrespect in my profile to anybody. Period. No racism, sexism, bashing, harrassments. None of that. I don't block anybody because I view blocking as the coward's way out.

Rule 3: I believe in the Buddha's three strikes you're out policy. Escpecially in our group, the UACA. And regardless, I enjoy having a forgiving attitude. it's very unhealthy to hold grudges over people. Yes Garp, i'm aware that you tried to scam me again. so once wasn't enough for you hmm? I thought I told you to never come back. So you're blocked you scamming piece of shit. Go be someone else's problem.

Should anybody ever end up on my Offical Cunt Nugget list, it's non-negotiable, and cannot be removed, ever. It's permanent. End of discussion.

The Offical Cunt Nugget list:

Now despite myself being American, i'm going to be 100% honest with everybody! I actually despise my country and it's "freedom", which when you really get down to it, is nothing more than a paltry gesture to their people.

Our standards as a society is just cutthroat, eat or be eaten, every man for himself. I truly believe that our American dream is all about seizing the opportunity.

And it shows through our behavior, attitudes and choices in our everyday lives. That phrase "Land of Opportunity" couldn't have been closer to the truth to be honest.

It's in my personal beliefs that opportunity comes in the form of advantage. Being able to strike someone else down and take whatever you want from them, just because you can.

In conclusion, my overall opinion of our fair country is survival of the fittest, nothing more, nothing less!

"When you see an insect lying on the ground, do you stop to consider it a fool? The life of an insect is so beneath you that it would be a waste of your time to even consider judging it. That would be an accurate summation of my feelings towards you humans." - Father Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

...Is it wrong for me to actually agree with this?

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If anyone else from there would like to be next. Then please, step fourth! I implore you to. See what happens! I'm not putting up with your crap people.
"Haven't you ever swatted a bothersome fly? In essence, it is the same thing!" - Lord Saddler Resident Evil 4
First you Ein, then it was Waish, now it is TEIN. Who would like to be next?
Then you'll be joining them too, the official♥♥♥♥♥♥nugget list! Does anybody else want to be a hero?
Will the intrusions ever end? How many more of these ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s are you going to send to me Ein, that is the question.
Tien Jan 12 @ 7:15am 
i would gladly ♥♥♥♥ you up and put your justice up your♥♥♥♥