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Who else here makes dumb decisions? I downed a 2 litre of coke durring a swim team challenge, tampered with other peoples ipad software, played cards against humanity with a teacher on an international field trip, DRANK ON THAT FIELD TRIP, climbed a mountain immediately after losing 20 lbs, decided to not like myself, and soon to add to the list, smoked oregano. I think we all can say weve done some stupid shit. But really that's the thing. the more dumb shit we do the better we remember the rest of our lives.
I can't go aday without remembering all the dumb things I did in band, or all of my antics in middle and highschool. Though I wish i could forget the former.
But really though, there are so many dumb things I did on accident too. For one I somehow refused a date with someone who probably thinks that I am an asshole now (sorry Brittanie but my clock had to keep ticking), my overly paniced actions durring exams and formal gatherings the night before, and probably some really strange antics revolving an elevator.
UPDATE: Life definitely is a bunch of loosley written adventures, good news is i know where im going with this!
BUT THERES MORE! I SPRAINED MY ANKLE THE LAST DAY OF SPRING BREAK, THAT WAS FUN. L.A. was a fun experience, but i learned a couple of things from that trip. I hate airports, I hate airplanes, and I hate jetlag. That was an enlightening experience.

Stand Name: Aerodynamic

Stand Ability: [Projectile Launcher, Advanced Area Awareness] (http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Projectile_Launcher,_Advanced_Area_Awareness)

Power - A

Speed - B

Range - B

Durability - C

Precision - B

Potential - B
Act 1: enhanced vision. sees through walls and up to 100m away.
Act 2: Can throw or shoot anything that can be held by the user, has about the same punch as a brick thrown at 10 miles per hour.
Act 3: When hit with an item thrown at it, assumes the density of the item for it's counterattack before reverting in densit.
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