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Finally I finished this game with 100% achievement, I reviewed this game based on what I experienced and felt, I don't want any debate like "I don't feel the way you feel when I play this game" one more thing, I'm not an expert in a review and therefore I know that my writing is far from perfect. So I started with gameplay.

Ahhh the gameplay, somehow I like or not but heres the thing, here you play 5 types of ships namely CL, CA, DD, CV, and BB with a total of 29 playable characters and 35 support characters. The basic battle is quite simple, you choose the character you want to play along with an additional 2 playable characters that you can switch during battle and 3 support characters, shoot enemy ships with predetermined skills and avoid attacks, oh yes on side note you don't use ships the same as your enemy, I can't say much about this. All types can do dashes except BB, your dash will be given a shield instead and also the speed of this BB run is very slow compared to others (yes I know this makes sense). Honestly I like the dash in this game but I expect the character to be able to jump too. There is an oddity that I found on DD / CA / CL gun, where you can shoot enemy aircraft with this gun even though you have AA as your gear, quite strange right? To shoot the aircraft, the distance is very far and you have to wait until the aircraft approaches even more so in a condition you have to shoot as many as 20 aircraft but the spawn is only 16 and this is enough to make me very angry, then there are other things like battles that have arena stage the small one with an invisible wall (uhh I'm quite annoyed with this, yeah I know it's made like in the mobile game).

The actual battle is short you know, this RPG element is not so hardcore, farming items and xp are quite easy and there are no challenges which is its pretty chill ((I can awaken and oath all ships are not so difficult and easy enough to complete especially with the help of DLC). Uhhmm I expect after the battle there will be a scoreboard like how much damage you do, how many ships and aircraft you sink, etc. Many people say that this game has no gameplay, yes, I quite agree with these words and I admit that only 70% of visual novels and 30% actual gameplay, even if in a condition of a fairly short battle, you just simply stay in place and let your party party complete the task and the battle will end on its own.

For VN here all are full voice for all ships from main story to side story (I really like the story in this game and for the story itself it's decent compared to the mobile version). One more thing that I really hate is, THERE IS NO CAMERA RESET FEATURES. Lets say there are enemy ships on the right and left, you have to shift your camera many times moreover you don't get a sign like where the enemy torpedo will attack you (often I get damage from enemy torpedoes from behind where I know it). On my prologue I have a bug where I have completed the conditions needed when fighting, I was stuck there.

This game uses Unreal Engine for graphics, 3D character modeling is not too bad (you can peek * cough * pantsu when in photo mode), I don't like the color of the sea water is too dark and the worst is when there are sea waves where the physical waves are not affect your character, Lets say there is a wave high enough to pass through you, your character will penetrate the wave (here you can see the bottom of the sea and it's empty), the mountains are plain, there are no extras like trees as well as map battles in the morning I expect there are birds Flying, for the battle map at night looks good there is aurora, the effect of the skill when the battle is quite satisfying to be seen like aircraft and barrage. As for the map when free roam is not very extensive but there are things that make me disturbed, that you can't distinguish events to main stories with side stories.

The game itself has a bad port where for some graphics cards having fps drop (yes I have tested it on the graphics card red and green), the absence of these graphic settings is a nightmare for gamers who have low-end PCs (don't worry, you can find graphic settings in% appdata% by changing all settings to 0 or what you adjust), for the screen resolution above 1920x1080 the picture will be cut off or have a defect (maybe they have fixed it? And strangely again the game version * pirate * much better maybe I'm wrong but this is what my friend said (?)). I hope they add dlc to their costumes in the future, so in the future there will be some new characters but the fanbase of this game has a lot of * cough * degens you know? Xd The UI itself is pretty okay but there is one problem with the main menu, THERE IS NO BUTTON FOR CONTINUE !!!.i mean for real?

As for the music itself, I can't say much, the songs are suitable during battles, main menu, VN, etc. its pretty chill and intense. But I often get bugs when I load my game, the opening song is often stuck on me where it is very annoying, I often restart my game many times until the opening song is not stuck (eugh i ♥♥♥♥♥♥ hate it).

Scam pre-orders (pre-sale 20% off, and then sale at release 35% off), they promise to give free DLC when pre-order but when the game is released they release a new DLC. And then we live in 2020, I still encounter RPG games that don't have an auto-save feature, i mean seriously wtf ?! I often have achieved very long progress stories but suddenly my electricity went out and I lost my progress. Why does your power fail so often? It's the rainy season, sorry I have a lot to say about this but I'm really upset about this absence of auto-save.

Is this game worth to buy? Yes if you are a big fan of the Azur Lane franchise, surely you will feel satisfied if you listen to the sounds and stories of your favorite waifu and fit to be used as a collection in your steam library. Conversely, if you are casual weebs who are looking for RPG elements in this game, I recommend not buying this game. The essence of the game that I got was like the neptunia franchise but it's far worse. Review with image you can find here [www.facebook.com]

My final score is 4/10
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