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Did you say apples?
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Do you happen to know how to beat beaver bother? I can't seem to get it for my 100% DK64 run.
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:akaneheart: Hiya, welcome to my profile :akaneheart:

Hiya, my name is Katherine (she/her), I made some popular scripts for Garry's Mod I guess (I don't really think they're that great).

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I don't really enjoy random friend requests. So please if I haven't played or chatted with you elsewhere, please don't send one. This includes people wanting support for my workshop addons or wanting general glua support.

Please post issues or questions about sit anywhere on it's github page.
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Adding since i have a question
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Y O U W O T ?
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the first comment of 2020 :D ..is now a hostage to me >:D all other comments bow before me
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Ahhh I see you like spice&wolf a wise choice
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