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Personal Achievements

The Running Man

Run 2019KB in one run on 'Sprinter' difficulty.

Run Forest Run

Run 5066KB in one run on 'Jogger' difficulty.

16-Bit Overflow

Run a total distance of 65,535KB across all game modes.
7,902 / 65,535

IT'S OVER 9000!

Run 9001KB in one run on 'Stroller' difficulty or higher.
1,060 / 9,001

Game Over Man, Game Over

Unlock all skill-tree items, power-ups and launch costumes.

Around the World in 80 Frames

Visit five different disk sectors of Computra in one run in single-player.

They See Me Rolling...

Make Pixel Pete Roll 100 Times

They're Taking the Pixels to Hi-zengard!

Run 1075KB in one run on 'Racer' difficulty.


Level-up any Power-Up in the shop to max level.
0 / 1

I'm Gunna Finish Him Like a Cheesecake

Get fragmented by Deletion Dave 95.7 times.
4 / 96

Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads

Teleport a total distance of 2015KB.
0 / 957

I Would've Gotten Away With It Too, If It Weren't For You Meddling Crates

Get fragmented 5 times by hitting red crates.
0 / 5


Unlock your first power-up.
0 / 1

Feeling Buff

Unlock your first buff.
0 / 1

Feel My Power!

Unlock three power-ups.
0 / 3

Way of the Samurai

Visit K-SAN in a Samurai costume.

Cossack Carnage

Visit Pixeley in a Cossack costume.


Visit iCity as Touchdown Plunk.

Trouble Down Under

Visit SID-NEE as Blip

More Tea Vicar?

Visit LAN-DN as Polly Polygon.

Punjabi Party

Visit ND-AH for the first time.

Costume Carnivale

Visit Memoria as Carnivale Pedro.


Visit Logiciel in a French costume.

They Put a Man on the Moon

Visit HAL for the first time.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Visit every sector in Computra.
2 / 9

Long-Distance Runner

Visit new sectors 86 times.
3 / 86

Get Me Some Juice!

Boost all buffs in the skill tree.
0 / 9

Here Comes A New Challenger.... Again!

Player competitive multiplayer 50 times.
0 / 50