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Do not die alone.


Enable the scenic screenshot mode.


Make it through Light and Teeth without taking damage.


Make it through the bobbit lair without taking damage.

Safe Passage

Make it through the dark fish delta in Dark without taking damage.

In Flow

Make it through the dark fish delta in Flow without taking damage.

Thrusters Disabled

Do you trust ALTA?

Thrusters Enabled

Let's hope you're right.

Memory Leak

Find a secret irradiated montipora and dive into ALTA's archives.
0 / 1


Find half of the secret montipora.
0 / 12


Find every secret montipora throughout the cave network.
0 / 24


Complete the montipora archive in every reality.
0 / 63

Over Here, Sonya!

Winner winner frozen dinner. Find the frozen fish.

Choking Hazard

Find the dead fish who ate an urchin.


Not all voices are against you. Find the Hall of Voices.

Jacques Cousteau

Make your presence known in Shock.

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