✪ HeXel
Gdansk, Pomorskie, Poland
Some about me:
My name is Hubert
i was born in 2002yr.

i study informatic.
i wanna change some things on this world (make future - make next people life easier).
i code in Python and im lerning C++
(i Know JS too).
im interested with some psychology thinks.
inteligence ~130IQ (tested 2 times).
i Usually play some games (cs, Msc, Minecraft, and some other(I like games where you need use our brain but i play cs cause its fun sometimes )).
i know some stuff about electronics.
i now pc stuff (how it work and how to build other pc by my own)

Now you know some think about me :D

if u wanna be my friend on steam u must say something about you!

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