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For refunds please visit this page
Please read (if there are any problems or so)
If a trade isn't accepted or declined, most likely some item(s) in it is are Overstock.
The bigger the trade is, the longer it takes it to go through Steam, so please check you Inventory History if the trade went through.
If the Item(s) become "Now Unavailable For Trade", there was a trade sent at the same time, with some items being the same as what you put in and it went through first. Sorry for your inconvenience, but please try sending a trade offer again.
If there is a problem with a trade, please make sure you offered the right amount of pure and the right item(s).

Not paying more for paints, parts, names and etc.
Accounts with tradehold (escrow), can't use our services.
Craft weapons are accepted as 0.05 ref. Uncraftable weapons aren't accepted!
For refunds please visit my group

Your trade can be declined for the following reasons:
- You are marked on SteamRep or all-features banned on backpack.tf
- Your inventory is private
- The trade will be held (escrow / tradeban)
- You are offering an item that is overstocked (if you pay a bit extra it will accept, 5% to be exact)
- The item you are trying to take is not priced / not from Team Fortress 2
- You are not offering enough, try the !price command for the price of the item.

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eha bulgarin na 60 nivo i tonove itemi v tf2!

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-rep offered amount put on backpack.tf and declined
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Delete this bot. always decline valid trade offers
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will delete if you make some room so i can stop getting error 15 but --rep doesnt check invs
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can you make some room in inventory so i can trade with your The Shred Alert :)