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Welcome to my profile!
Hi, I'm Wulf. I'm a YouTuber and trader! Now, you may be thinking, What are you trading? Or something like that. My entire inv is tradable. Just send a offer! And now. Other stuff. I am a YouTuber! I actually haven't made a video in a while, I swear, I'll get to it soon. Have a good day! If I added you for no reason. Blame yacht. He is giving me a knife if I friend everyone on his friends list. Side note: I do not trade for: steam cards/papal, I also check steamreps. For example, This guy -> https://www.steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041687495 has a bad steamrep and was reported for paypal scam, Ergo, i wont trade with him!
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i never joined that group? at least i dont think i did?