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Posted: Jul 5, 2018 @ 2:51am

This is not a game, it is mazahism
Well first of all, i want to say... If u dont like games, where you die in a lot of situation, you dont like "hard games"
or you hate imbalance intruders, that will kill you with 2 hits... Well dont buy this game
But if you like all of that, then welcome to this game, To the World of Pain!
Dark Souls 3
i am fan of Dark souls game series, i bought all of the Dark souls games, and i ended them for 2 times or 3 times every of parts, but not that, i bought it like 2 weeks ago, and finished it, I liked all the boss fights, and all the locations, they are not simillar to each other and its so cool, that there is bosses, that you cant just kill alone, Bosses as Darkeater Midir, Fride And atmospheric music in main menu that's awesome
I want to say, when i finished this game for the first time for 66 hours, Ending theme, it was sad and atmospheric as hell, and i like it so much
And now, this kind of music, is sitting in my heart, and i like to listen to this kind of music for free time
Dark souls 3 is best game that i ever played, for true Love DS3!
10/10 Good job
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