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Misa Misa<3Light 17 апр. в 11:25 
zockkana.ttv 15 апр. в 9:17 
hey camper little hint for you: dont camp to much and dont tunnel the wrong player if u think you are big with your noed perk :D btw how does my ds taste?^^
RedMask 29 март в 9:39 
baby killer who need to tunnel because he chase me for 3 generator XD are you mad little kid ? XD pathetic ;)
Driftwood 29 март в 6:14 
FØRSAKEN means "FOR THE THING!" in swedish
I do not know if this is intentional or not, but it rings true. +Rep
⚡trans nigga⚡ 12 февр. в 12:11 
Слава аллаху :unpopular:
Cl44 28 юни 2019 в 3:15 
Skating is lyf