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Magic with Miranda #4
As they approached the blacksmith's cottage, they noticed a hole in the wall. To their surprise, a little sister appeared and climb down as she ventured off in search of ADAM
:terrifiedh: Wait a minute Noble! That's the story to BIOSHOCK!
Oof, sorry
They saw Handover out back banging and clanging on a piece of metal from the wing of an X-Wing Starfighter.
:terrifiedh: STAR WARS? We're now in STAR WARS?!
Dammit, so sorry!
Miranda heard a sound coming from her pocket
:tfs_harold: Miranda, your Eyephone's ringing
:terrifiedh: You mean the wooden box that has a glass window on it and has no electronics inside because these are the medieval times?
:tfs_harold: Yeah
:terrifiedh: NO!
:tfs_harold: Can I answer it?
:terrifiedh: Grr, I'll answer it...Hello?!
Niko, its your cousin Roman! Do you want to go Bowling?
:terrifiedh: Wrong number...Wait a sec...NOBLE!
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Have a great Weekend :ily:
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