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The Moon
Dear Fake Friends and Optimistic Simps


I'm tired of making nobodies into somebodies. Introducing snowflakes to other snowflakes.

Some people haven't done anything with their life yet they feel entitled to be revolved around everything. Where you do things for them and in return they give you lies and be part of this snowflake culture. Where you literally build them up from nothing only for them to leave because their views and opinions were challenged because they can't take any form of criticism which is the only dose of real life they ever get.

I'm not perfect myself but I'm brutally honest and straightforward.

I've met and introduced a vast amount of people over the years. Many have stayed good and loyal friends with me however some have come to a chose to not like me because their views and opinions were challenged. The general assumption is that I'm rude to everyone which is not entirely true. Some people may seem sweet but deep down they're ugly with only the thought of themselves because they're suffering from something they can't bother solving.

My philosophy on life is that I respect those that haven't done anything to upset me or others.

Any form of defaming about me or my personal life please report to me. I'm tired of giving these nobodies a platform to stand on and for them to abuse it. Where nobodies pair up with other nobodies I have known over the years only to twist and lie about me and scenarios which never happened. People who suffer from delusional thoughts should have no place to speak their mind because their mind is based on the ideologies of what other snowflakes have intoxicated them with.

People love to manipulate others and act as the victim to get a sense of approval and will do anything to get that approval because they aren't happy with themselves. These snowflakes love to run away and be the victim instead of solving it. I'm not victim however, I won't take any defamation about me lightly. Sorry for the rant but in light of recent events, discovering many new and fake people I felt the need to say this in order to let anybody know before they become a victim to these delusional snowflakes.

Don't feed these nobodies attention if you know what's best for you.

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