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Personal Achievements

Pioneer of Alfheim

Collected 200 different Materials.

Continental Round Trip!

Visited every location on the map.


Synthesized 50 different items or Aspect Pieces.

Super Synthesis

Synthesized a rare Aspect Piece.

The Tune Heard 'Round the World

Collected all Tunings.


Raised any Tuning to the highest rank.

Knight of Astoria

Won your first battle.

Dragoneer, Forward!

Defeated 500 monsters.

Dragoneer, Charge!

Defeated 1000 monsters.

Dragoneer, Awaken!

Defeated 2000 monsters.

Hit Maker

Achieved a 99-hit combo.

B.A.N.D. Member

Performed a B.A.N.D. session for the first time.

Center Stage

Performed a B.A.N.D. session with each character as the Center.

Dragon Soul Inheriter

Used dragonshift for the first time.

Quelled Dragon

Quelled the Shining Dragon from a berserk state.

Dragonshift Tour

Won over 100 battles using dragonshift.

Swift Conductor

Triggered 10 advantageous encounters.

Advancing Melody

Won a battle without taking damage.

Sound of Silence

Won a battle with a party member incapacitated.

Dragon Tough

Raised any party member to level 100.

First Break

Triggered a Break for the first time.

Guard Breaker

Triggered a Break on blocking enemies 30 times.

Flow Breaker

Triggered a Break on casting enemies 30 times.

Resonance Forte

Triggered a Resonance 30 times.

Force Medley

Used Force abilities 100 times.

You're Going Down

Defeated a rare monster.

Requiem for the Enemy

Defeated powerful foes throughout Alfheim.

Moonlit Overture

Completed Opus 1.

Etude of the Dragoneers

Completed Opus 2.

Ricordanza of Souls

Completed Opus 3.

Golden Sonata

Completed Opus 4.

Oratorio of Betrayal

Completed Opus 5.

Capriccio of the Strong

Completed Opus 6.

Fairy Elegy

Completed Opus 7.

Shining Concerto

Completed Opus 8.

What is Love?

Viewed Kirika's ending.

Noble Lovers

Viewed Sonia's ending.

Countin' on Ya

Viewed Agnum's ending.

Battle to Help Others

Viewed Lestin's ending.

Happy Together

Viewed Marion's ending.


Viewed Rinna's ending.


Viewed Jinas's ending in Refrain mode.

Prelude of Love

Viewed Excella's ending in Refrain mode.

Heart to Heart

Triggered your first night event.

First Date

Went on your first date.

Know Others, Know Thyself

Acquired 100 different Traits.

Wheel of Fortune

Fulfilled the wishes of the two and spoke to the orchestrator of Refrain.