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Unlock all bestiary entries for all non-boss, non-titano foes.


Find all the missing pikkards.

No Tias Shed

Escort Tia back to Altago City completely unscathed, and without using any healing items.

Breathless and Aghast

Die by drowning.

Walking Disaster

Die by walking over thorns.

Stealer of Weapons' Souls

Learn every skill.

Stroker of Weapons' Souls

Raise all of any one character's skills to max level.

Big Spender

Buy every item from the Zanzibar Firm.

Liquefier of Ghosts

Synthesize each Spirit Elixir at least once.

Sinking of the Titanos

Defeat all titanos.

Code Geis

Defeat Geis in one-on-one combat.

I Will Survive

Survive against a beast intended specifically to kill you.


Conquer the Earth Dragon, Rada-Manj.


Conquer the Flame Dragon, Angue-Barl.


Conquer the Wind Dragon, Mu-Anti.


Conquer the Sea Dragon, O-Balon.


Conquer the Moon Dragon, Ze-Kalion.

Dragon Baller

Synthesize all Dragon Stone weapons.

Dragon Warrior's Quest 'Nixed

Complete the game on any difficulty.

Not Dragon Your Feet

Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.

Taking It All Ta-go

Obtain all other achievements.